No, because there are processes and principles happening in everything that you might think is boring.

Of course. Even if you're not a woman, allowing women to function to their full potential would benefit everyone.

It's not very well known that there are more people living in slavery now than any other time in history.

If you put a ladder down a square hole it will slide around. If you put it in a round hole the two poles rest on two points.

I'm 18 and I have tons of playdates.

@iEmily Newtons law of physics state they'll both hit the bottom at the same time if dropped from the same height.

In a vacuum. Drop a sheet of paper and a ball of paper at the same time and see if they fall at the same speed.

I know cygnet from Trumpet of the Swan

It's NATO for the letter F. F can mean fuck so that's probably what you're looking for.

He spilled his water then he suffocated because he's in an impossible room.

It's official: cleaning your ears is worse than childbirth.