Talking to yourself isn't weird. It's practice for the actual thing. amirite?

I don't necessarily have conversations, rather just lay o

if slave owners remembered their past lives, the world would progress a lot more, amirite?

Bold of you to assume past lives are a thing.

There are probably many famous people who make throwaway accounts to talk about their personal issues. amirite?
If you want to know someone's insecurities, just see where they place their snapchat text line on their face. amirite?

Can you not blow my cover please . Not cool >:((

Someone could be handing out iPhones to Google users without anyone ever believing, amirite?

Don't you read the reviews on those free iPhone giveaways, they are 10000% legit, with great friendly trustworthy reviews, all the reviews sound the same so it has to be real

Adding the prefix "Shadow-" to any object makes it sound infinitely cooler. amirite?
Blessings are much easier to count after they're gone. amirite?
Talking to yourself is considered a sign of insanity but writing to yourself is normal and encouraged. amirite?
People don't worry much when their windows broke, but 90% will freak out if their Windows broke, am I rite?

I would freak out more if my window spontaneously broke

What we consider high tech today will one day be considered crude by future generations, amirite?

Our interactions online

Fishing is the lite version of hunting. Amirite?
Roundabouts are like crop-circles for roads, amirite?

If you mean that they're unnecessary and ruins some guys day then yes

95% of wasabi must go unused. Amirite
@shawarmababy Im saying the "wasabi" noone uses is just horse radish and isnt good.

And I'm saying I wish you were right, but that I'm sure that some percentage of what's thrown out is actually wasabi, and some percentage of what's used is actually just horseradish.