95% of wasabi must go unused. Amirite
@shawarmababy Im saying the "wasabi" noone uses is just horse radish and isnt good.

And I'm saying I wish you were right, but that I'm sure that some percentage of what's thrown out is actually wasabi, and some percentage of what's used is actually just horseradish.

Space Jam was made primarily by having Michael Jordan dribble a basketball and talking to himself in front of a green screen. amirite?

So it was perfect

Blessings are much easier to count after they're gone. amirite?
It's said that couple who don't do kinky things have boring sex lives. But maybe they haven't explored those kinks because they never felt bored with their sex. amirite?
Adding the prefix "Shadow-" to any object makes it sound infinitely cooler. amirite?
Humans are dirty and inefficient transport vessels for water. amirite?
The distance of buildings in parts of Barcelona is so small and sound reflective that when one neighbor listens to a radio station, everyone in this street does. If he/she changes the radio station, we all listen to a different song. Which makes this neighbor a radio station. amirite?

I hope they pay for an entertainment licence then

There could be life forms looking for us, amirite?

There could be life inside you.

Anyone living within the 4th dimension can be looking over us and we would never know, amirite?
The only innocent XXX is in tic tac toe, amirite?
Roundabouts are like crop-circles for roads, amirite?

If you mean that they're unnecessary and ruins some guys day then yes

What we consider high tech today will one day be considered crude by future generations, amirite?

Our interactions online

Best of Three, in a match best out of three, nobody ever gets to 3 wins. amirite?
if skunks are known for farting maybe humans got their genes from them, amirite?

I found the next president of the U.S.!