One day people are going to be shocked they actually allowed smoking in society, amirite?

As long as you're not exposing anyone else to secondhand smoke, smoking should be allowed in society

We know more about plants than they will ever know about themselves. amirite?

No way to know that really.

People want you to be honest, but when you really speak your mind 95% of them can't handle it easily, amirite?

I'm not saying this applies to you OP but sometimes you see people on reality tv shows who are proud of the fact that they speak their mind when really they're dumb and obnoxious.

Be honest in a way that's kind or helpful, generally speaking.

If someone asks you, 'do you think I'm physically unnattractive?' and you do, I don't think there's any virtue in telling them (unless maybe they're hitting on you in a pushy way or something). You can be diplomatic.

Some ones been hurt. Maybe you've just got a tiny PP and your wife wants a proper man.

Sponge bob is the secret formula to the crabby Patties. Without him the restaurant would fail. amirite?

Wasn't there an episode where Mr. Krabs first made the recipe of the Krabby Patty? It was before SpongeBob was born. Krabby Patties were always sure to sell no matter who cooked them, as long as they followed the recipe

The last human born on earth will probably only live to be several seconds old when they die, as some mass extinction event occurs. amirite?
@Mcgee0 Look man I'm here for a good time, not a long time.

Dude I would totally swipe right on you. No homo. Well..... maybe a little

Cursive is a secret code for parents, amirite?
@americanthaiguy what benefit does it have these days?

Well it's a secret language that apparently the other kids can't read, for one...

The person who holds the record for having sex with the most people was probably forced to. amirite?

Bro, genghis khan had the time of his life.

The forthcoming recession will be the final step of the great reset. amirite?
@Lecturesea7537 Bold of you to assume there won't be other steps after it

Oh, there'll be something after fer sure. But for now, I see it as the envisioned last stage. The "shaking out" so to speak, at the end of an envisioned chapter.

Years ago you could watch cereal commercials constantly, nowadays you barely see them been displayed, amirite?

The big breakfast cereal companies no longer need to invest in differentiating TV commercials as the market for these products is not growing and people are largely set in their ways. Plus commercial TV is itself a slow growth business.

Space Jam was made primarily by having Michael Jordan dribble a basketball and talking to himself in front of a green screen. amirite?

So it was perfect

For those with ADHD, pressing the button to repeat the menu options is a point of private embarrassment. amirite?

Button to repeat the menu options? What?

The problem with stupid people is that they are confident, not that they are stupid. amirite?
Blessings are much easier to count after they're gone. amirite?
All protests start peacefully, but don't always end that way, amirite?