Its -42°C where im at

In a good relationship, no one wears the pants. amirite?

That'd be uncomfortable to walk around in public

Relax, WWIII is actually a prequel to WWI, amirite?

🤷‍♂️Is there any other

We are the microorganisms in a nuclear reaction. amirite?
@ElBurritoLuchador What?

Our sun is the center of the reaction.

'Guardians of the galaxy' has the most on-screen deaths of any movie ever, amirite?

How does GOTG have so many on-screen deaths? I don't remember a scene where we see hundreds of people dying. Which scene was it ?

What are you smiling and how much for an ounce of it.

The reason why we hit our little toe so often is because we rarely use it and thus our brain forgets to count it as part of the body sometimes. amirite?

If you think it's seldom used try living without it.

There is nothing more satisfying than finding something hidden you left a long time ago in a place where you would expect it to be gone. amirite?
You never know when you're going to die. So you can't delete you browser history and harddrive on your computer and phones. Your descendants will cringe at you. amirite?
@What if you die together?

I have this agreement with multiple friends and I'm a big fan of double redundancy. These friends have never met each other and run in completely different groups. There's an extremely low possibility of 5 of us all dying simultaneously.

It's possible that we are the second generation of humans and the first got wiped out. amirite?
Space Jam was made primarily by having Michael Jordan dribble a basketball and talking to himself in front of a green screen. amirite?

So it was perfect

There could be life forms looking for us, amirite?

There could be life inside you.

Humans are dirty and inefficient transport vessels for water. amirite?
Anyone living within the 4th dimension can be looking over us and we would never know, amirite?
It's said that couple who don't do kinky things have boring sex lives. But maybe they haven't explored those kinks because they never felt bored with their sex. amirite?