It's kinda odd how in Goldilocks and the three bears Papa bear and Mama bear don't share a bed, amirite?
You know it's time to call the nursing home when your Grandma spells both your first and last name wrong on your Christmas present, amirite?
@Jennitalia What is the nursing home going to do about your grandma's spelling problem?

Nothing. Her inability to get my name right shows that she's becoming incapable, therefore a nursing home would do her some good.

You're attracted to either Jim or Pam from the Office, amirite?
It's always terrifying when you jokingly tell the person driving to go 94 mph and they take you seriously. amirite?

that's why I don't do that.

Your mom probably thinks you're a loser, amirite?

Naw my mom thinks I'm a BOSS

It's fun to sing totally off key when you normally have pretty good pitch, amirite?

what I gathered "it's fun to realize you can't sing well and makeup an excuse for your bad singing"

Rocks always look prettier when they're wet, amirite?

They're not the only thing hello smilie

You've looked through your parents' phones before to see if they were cheating on each other, amirite?

Goddamn it why'd this make it to the homepage -.-

We should have more words where the plural form ends in 'i', like in octopi or cacti, amirite?
It's not perverted to sleep with your hands between your legs, amirite?

It keeps them warm hello smilie

no seriously my hands were just cold...

The song "Mother Knows Best" from Rapunzel portrays a disturbing case of psychological child abuse, amirite?

Well yeah I mean the whole movie is about her journeying from the tower where she had practically been held captive he entire life, if that's not psychologically abusive idk what is.

It ruins the believability of movies and TV shows when 21+ year olds are cast as high schoolers, amirite?
@Deathelf (528491):I wasn't implying that they can't.

Well yeah you kind of stated that hiring teenagers would disrupt their school, yet not all teenagers are in school.

It ruins the believability of movies and TV shows when 21+ year olds are cast as high schoolers, amirite?
Looks matter to an extent, amirite?

IMO looks matter a lot, but they shouldn't be the only thing that matters.

people who work in Hot Topic are actually really nice! amirite?

Out of the two people I've known who worked at hot topic: one harassed me every single time I went in there accusing me of shoplifting even though I never shoplifted from hot topic, ever think i'm wearing this bracelet cause I've shopped there before? The other aggressively stalked my sister, even stealing her phone number from the little rewards card system.