You want to make a 'Born This Way' t-shirt after the Glee episode, amirite?

No I wanted to make a "Born This Way" t-shirt when the song came out. . .

Perfect little girls, huh? Well Professor, WHAT ABOUT THE FINGERS? amirite?
@Did you not watch cartoons when you were younger?! ಠ_ಠ

Is this from one specific show or just saying that on a lot the people only have 3 fingers?

Why does Disney Channel give girls boy names all of a sudden? I mean, come on, Alex, Charlie, Teddy, Sonny...are they trying to start a trend or something? Because it's not working, amirite?

theresa duh

You really feel for Japan. An earthquake is bad enough, but they got the 5th strongest one in recorded history, then a huge tsunami, THEN nuclear problems. Not to mention all the aftershocks, most as big as a size-able quake themselves, amirite?
@Angelic_dude It seems like it's the apocalypse for Japan.

He probably copypasta'd this from somewhere but one of my FB friends pointed out that if you add 09/11/01 to 03/10/11 it equals 12/21/12 :O

apple should make the batteries in their devices replaceable, so you don't have to get a whole new ipod when the battery dies in your otherwise perfectly intact ipod, amirite?
@WinniethePooh Some people can't afford that

that's like saying some people can't afford new tires for their Porsche. I mean it's not like it's groceries...

It's awesome when you give a guy a boner, amirite?

It rarely happens, but yes

You wonder what the most likely song for someone to have on their iPod is, amirite?

I'd say Baby - Justin Bieber

You might not listen to the song but admit it, it's there.