Everybody has that really gorgeous ethnic girl in their class. amirite?
Why are there never any good side effects? Just once I'd like to read a medication bottle and see "May cause extreme sexiness.", amirite?
Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the
Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning, amirite?

I know a girl who saw a sign that said "Diner" and said "LOL they spelled dinner wrong!!"

Michelle Obama is a lot more famous than any other first lady, amirite?

Eleanor Roosevelt??
And she's only so "famous" because she's the current first lady

It's cool how some people's last names match their profession: Lawyer, Farmer, Booth, Sellers, Shoemacher, etc. Then we have names like Dickinson....things become harder and more awkward to explain, amirite?

"things become harder" hehe smilie

CiCi and Rocky from Disney's Shake it Up are probably going to become lesbian lovers. amirite?

I hate that show so much! I'll watch the Disney channel shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, Sonny with a Chance, and EVEN Hannah Montana, but that show is just too damn stupid!!

If your age is on the clock, you're too young for cock. amirite?
@Mitchhp hmmm, so 14 year old girls are allowed to suck cock now?

I thought your comment was supposed to mean 14 year old girls shouldn't either, but now that I clicked your profile and saw you're 14 I'm questioning your intentions . . . wary smilie

The fact that Miley is finding it hard between going to college and being in a movie in the last episode of Hannah Montana is sending a bad message to kids. amirite?
@Lkun How did she get into Stanford? Wasn't she an idiot?

they basically let her in for being Hannah Montana

The girl married her Prince. The bad guy is dead. It's a real Disney weekend here on Earth. amirite?
@Shouldn't the "bad guy" be a little more involved in thwarting the girls goals. It's not like Osama Bin Laden was...

Malificent, Mother Gothel, Scar, the villian in the Princess and the frog, Clayton(Tarzan), The Huns(Mulan), Gaston, judge Claud Frollo, The Evil stepmother(Snow white), Ursula.

Green eyes are beautiful, amirite?

Green eyed people: this post makes you feel good, amirite?

It's not weird that I'm the only girl in my shop class, what is wierd is that most of the guys have either Selena Gomez or Miranda Cosgrove as their ring tone while I have Eminem, amirite?

No one cares.

Girls will leave stuff like a bra or underwear at a guys house to 'mark their territory'. Guys do the same thing, except they leave stuff like a son or a daughter, amirite?
The fact that FedEx won't let you ship blood really limits the number of ways you can say "I love you." Amirite?
Rebecca Black Ops would be a beast game, amirite?
Now that you think of it, you could actually live in the bathroom. You have two obvious essentials in there, you could sleep using the towels, and you have a water source. amirite?