Get punched: "Ow". Have something fall on your hand: "Ouch that hurt". Stub your toe: "Shit god damn mother fucker ow what the hell shit faced whore ass headed whole.", amirite?

getting poked in the eye and bending your fingernail back suck too

If there was a school for murders, they'd probably learn something like: I before E, especially after D, amirite?
There needs to be some standard etiquette for responding to 'Happy Birthday' posts on Facebook, amirite?
@twisted_memories I always thought the whole make a post saying, "Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!" thing was standard?

I kinda don't like those :/ especially when the person says it at like 2pm so you feel like a dick for telling them happy birthday when they already thanked everyone.

I'm Victoria's Secret, amirite?
@Hey_Jude My sister's name is Victoria O.o

does she have a secret? and is it herpes?

Yeah because the loud people just say that's what she said and your mom.

You already have an idea about what you want to name your future kids, amirite?

psh I got a list ready

Don't let your affection give you an infection, put some protection on that erection, amirite?
@Khauri_Bourne This post contained perfection. It gave my life new direction. Now I'll always have some protection on my erection...

Also wrap up that erection because we don't want a sperm ejection to leave Gretchin retchin for a 9 month section.

It is interesting that we know what a GPS is, what UPS is, and what P.S. means at the end of a letter, yet none of the "ps's" mean the same thing, amirite?

Who ever would have thought the same letters can stand for different things!?

Women hate being treated different than men, until there's a hostage situation and woman and children are let go first, amirite?

I agree with you but personally I think that it should stay how it is. I mean just pertaining to America I wouldn't want to be drafted or have to use unisex bathrooms.

It pisses you off when customers are rude to employees, amirite?

Yeah but it's more annoying when employees are rude to customers.

@KickAss @934242 (Anonymous): That is such bullshit... you just like all the attention you get.... You're such attention...

this is completely true. I only have two guy friends that are "in the friend zone" and they're there because I'm not attracted to them. If my opinion were to change I'd date them in a heartbeat.

people just don't use those ridiculous texting abbreviations anymore, amirite?
@Chapstick My parents do..

my parents don't abbreviate words they just leave some out, for example instead of saying "Hey if you get a chance put that letter for grandma in the mailbox" they'll say "chance grandma mailbox".

I think parents try to text as few characters as possible because it takes them so long to text.

life was so much simpler when you didn't know how awesome sex was. amirite?
@DanielJames I can change that.

sorry I only date guys with faces.

Girls: It's kind of weird to think that one day, you will have a living, breathing human being inside of you, amirite?

This should have said "you might have" or "you could have", not "you will have"

It sucks when someone runs into your knife 10 times and then you go to jail for it, amirite?

or when they accidentally drink your cyanide/koolaid mix and you go to jail for it.