Barbers cut off customers' body part as their job, and they often don't need a license. amirite?

A jobless barber is an enemy of the cats

Pop-up advertisements seem to make it difficult for anyone to find the ‘x' or ‘close' in an attempt to make you look at the ad. amirite?

Sometimes they put in the fake X just to get you to click the ad

It's not fair that only roosters are allowed to start the day screaming, amirite?

i dunno, my cock this morning woke me up screaming.

For a lot of men the objective in sex is to avoid orgasming. amirite?

just go round 2?

For a lot of men the objective in sex is to avoid orgasming. amirite?
@Lecturesea7537 Not necessarily avoid, but delay. 👌

Yeah, and the hornier you are the more it's a chore.

For a lot of men the objective in sex is to avoid orgasming. amirite?
@donna Ultimate objective: Get rewarded for accomplishing primary and secondary objectives.

Super Ultimate objective: Don't speed run to the finish. (Level difficultie: hard)

Due to inflation, it's easier than ever to carry $100 worth of groceries. amirite?

Just spent $120 and I was able to carry it all in one hand. That was the first time I've ever done that. Pretty terrifying

Maybe babies cry right before they fall asleep because they remember what it's like to not exist. amirite?

Maybe they cry when angels deserve to die.

If someone discovered time travel, they'd probably go back in time and fix a mistake in their past, ultimately altering their own timeline such that they never discover time travel, amirite?

That's the time travellers paradox

Everyone has a wide ass forehead once you start paying attention to it, amirite?
There are a lot of people still alive who have witnessed public lynchings. amirite?

A lot of people alive who have yet to witness their first public lynching too.

Slowing down on a highway makes you an influencer with thousands of followers. amirite?

By definition. Social media appropriated the concepts.

Velociraptors never had the chance to enjoy chocolate chip cookies. amirite?

That's probably why they were so ornery.

Genies being malevolent magical spirits that enjoy messing with people makes them Arabic Faeries, amirite?

Or they could be Yokai

Let genies be

If something genuinely helps humanity, but harms the big industries, chances are we will never hear of it again. amirite?

In america that includes the cure for cancer