If we can't prevent gangs from shooting at each other, let's at least teach them to aim, amirite?
Pretend you are in a burning building, and for some reason there was a petri dish of 10 living, viable, fertilized 1 week old human embryos that could grow healthily, and also a 5 year old crying toddler in the same building. If you could only save one of them from the fire, you would choose to save the 5 year old, amirite?
Since most people's minds warp their perception of reality a little to see more bad stuff than good stuff, girls and guys are probably more equal than girls think and less equal than guys think, amirite?
You think porn should be banned, amirite?
@PurpleZebra I think in some way it reduces the amount of rapists... if they wanna see a naked woman they can go watch...

(colebowl) Lol thanks for clearing that point ... it's funny how some people are naive enough to think rape may have something to do with nudity and hornyness literally ! ... not trying to be mean here (purple zebra) just saying =)

A soldier only needs to shoot straight, not be straight, amirite?
@i'm straight, if there was a pretty girl in my way in a war i'd get distracted and died. I'm sure a gay guy would...

how do you expect one to respect a homophobe??.... u're asking someone to respect someonelse who's primary problem is that THEY dont respect others???
hehe i donno if u'll actually follow its sounding like a tongue twister now

Yep , that's right.

Your friends talk about turning over in bed and touching their boyfriends and the awesome feeling that he's there. You nod wisely and relate the experiance to cuddling with your cat, amirite?

Hahahaha "you nod wisely..."

If your against gay marriage.. dont have one. problem solved. amirite?

It's really stupid....just make it legal allready. It pisses me off that some people who love one another have to wait for permission to get married from some random other people who don't even care and don't even matter. I'm a girl and I'm in love with a boy and I can't imagine how it would be if we decided to be together for the rest of our lives and were stopped by the government!! while other people around us are getting married!! =O . Its just wronge.

We all originally thought FTW was just WTF backwards, amirite?

I thought it was fuck the what in it's literal sense ... for some strange reason

It's annoying how in some TV shows, you'll see a character's has a small detail about themselves (ex. Jerry doesn't drink beer), that is ignored in a later episode (ex. Jerry's in the background of the shot, drinking a beer). Amirite?

In That 70's Show , in the first season Donna has a younger sister in one of the episodes ....after which she's just never shown again and we all assume Donnas an only child (if we havnt seen that one episode!).... but I like how the makers of the show handled that BIG change by simply making a joke about it in one of the later seasons.... Narrator goes in the background "whatever happened to midges other daughter??" Lol

The term racist tends to be abused very often. amirite?


If a set of identical twin sisters and a set of identical twin brothers would get married to the other, you would wonder if they're going to have identical looking children, amirite?
If your against gay marriage.. dont have one. problem solved. amirite?

ooooh I should make an amirite out of my infertile woman point =D.... the little thrills in life getting an amirite

If homosexuality is a disease, then we should all call in gay to work. "Nope, sorry, can't come in today- still queer", amirite?