About me.

Previously StepUp_SquadUp

In love with cosmology, marine biology and pretty much every other science.

Very recently I've become extremely interested in Ancient Theology and other aspects of Ancient Culture.

I have a writing style of my own. Yes. I do know proper Grammar. No. I do not use it. I write the way I want my writing to be read. I also capitalise words that shouldn't actually be capitalise simply because they hold more power in the sentence that way. Though I'm American I use British style spelling.

I am a strong advocate of the legalisation of Marijuana.

Atheist (Though actually Agnostic. You can read about that here http://dreamingofthecosmos.tumb...st-or-agnostic)
Bleeding heart liberal
Dubstep is my favourite genre. (Please don't talk to me about Skrillex. I hate Skrillex)
While dubstep is my favourite genre only one artist crack the Top 5 and just barely.
Favourite artist are
1. Enter Shikari
2. The Beatles
3. Gorillaz
4. Modest Mouse
5. Cyberoptics

For those wondering, yes, I am bisexual.

Follow me on Twitter @Astronaut_Will or Tumblr at dreamingofthecosmos.tumblr.com if you enjoy dubstep check out my work at

Chart of my political views.

If you would like to have a discussion about anything written above please don't hesitate to message me.. I love talking about all of that stuff.
Perhaps will add more at some other time.

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