About me.

I'm Danny, I'm from Oklahoma.

I am an ambassador for Christ, but I'm of course still human, I can't be as perfect as what I represent. I must say I'm pretty awesome, get to know me and you'll find out how much.

I was born too long ago. May 6, 1990 I have 3 sisters and a brother. My hair is unnatural and has a mind of it's own.. along with other things.. I like to go on adventures, especially when it accomplishes nothing for me. I like dealing with other peoples problems but sometimes you just have to figure something out on your own (I can't THINK for you but I'll give you a thought to think about.(oh yea, I just came up with that like right then.)) I can honestly say that my heart is truly pure. I could summon a spirit bomb and channel lightning at the same time. However, my flesh, not so much. I have a dirty, dirty mind. Every day is a battle, some I win, some I don't. The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory comes from the Lord. Proverbs 21:31

You teach me and I'll teach you (..lol pokemon)
You friend me and I'll friend you.



God did not send me to start a race, he sent me to finish one.

I'm your Huckleberry.

If you read this far good job I guess. I'm rarely on anymore. Ever. Joined the Marines. Woohoo and all that. Move along.

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