About me.

I'm epic. And I write the most epic epics ever of pure epicness. When I'm not being awesome, I'm at my full time job of being a teenage genius. On the side I'm a conservative s-l-u-t. I find the "s" word derogatory
I also stalk Robert Pattinson for some pro-Bono work.
My partner in crime is Jinx.
I love any kind of music, metal and hard rock preferably.
I wear cardigans and converse just because I'm awesome.
Drama class is the best but being an actor is a pipe dream.
It's not made with pot, it is made in the pot.
I live for awesome hair.
Being a writer is a pipe dream.
Lots of goals in my life are a pipe dream.
Hugs not drugs.
Crack is Whack.
Blah Blah Blah.
Hot topic is just wow.
I wear lots of bling.
Chocolate is my life.
I get drunk on mt. dew.

Cougar Town
The Nanny
Everybody Hates Chris
The Middle
Modern Family
Conan O'Brien
The Good Guys

Okay, now I'm bored.
I'm going back to being epic.

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