Dio- We Rock

It's hard to say for sure. There's so much that I feel I remember in such great detail but I don't know if it is just quick images that i'm expanding upon from what others have told me and what I THINK I remember or if it's actually true or not. Age 4 is as far back as I can go.

Rainbow's Street of Dreams

The Matrix had a fantastic soundtrack

He did what we would have all imagined in our head wanting to do. The key difference being that he actually did it.

@deusvult yeah its a tough one for sure between witcher 3 and RDR2, no game came close to being even close to be as good as...

I'm up there with you in the hours department for Witcher. I haven't even finished the expansions because I get too damn distracted. I'll start the game up fully expecting to knock out a bunch of quests but then 3 hours later I'm walking around the wilderness with my finger over the photo mode button trying to find pretty scenery, haha. I've got RDR2 as well and I've only gotten little ways into Chapter 2....I need to find the time to play it again. I have too much other stuff I've been focusing on.

@StarzAbove I notice it, but it's hard to change habits, plus it's hard to think of different things to cook each and every day.

It's exhausting....lol..the same boring routine just makes life all the simpler. It's almost a metaphor for the rest of life.

Think I'd have to go with Toussaint in Witcher 3. Sure it's a brutal realm I'd probably die in within minutes but hell I'd be dying with gorgeous scenery around me.

SW has a lot more activity but I think Amirite has the better layout.

I'm going for the added bonus by sharing a song that has the word in it twice, lol.

White Zombie: More Human Than Human

Depends on the inappropriate thought. Some are needing distraction to be blocked out while others are just too much fun just not to embrace.

I have a video game addiction that has me buying lots of somethings for no good reason, haha.

Of course....Disney needs to branch out a bit. I mean technically Ariel wasn't human but did they term her a "Disney Princess" because she turned into one? And what about Mulan? She's considered a Disney Princess and she's not even a legitimate princess. She's not daughter to a king or queen and never marries a prince. If they actually have rules I call it a sham, lol.