I kinda figured out the first time. It's not like "Oh, maybe they'll actually show it this time!"

I'd be like "Yeah, I'd get mad, but I understand what you were going for."

Not really...

@says Christ_Jesus.

Jesus was among the least of these.
I like to think that involves girls who square dance.
After all, they're around the same level as beggars and thieves, right?

Thanks for automatically saying "Jesus".
Can you just say a generic name? You were probably just giving an example, but it's stereotypical.

As long as you don't stand back a foot, people can't see anything -.-

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Making a joke about "fun time in the mouth"s and making fun of MLIA in one post? Nice!

Just say "this"

@Frostehh Try listening to this part at a Rocket's game. EVERYONE sings it.

Yeah, last time that happened, --
...sorry, is it too early for earthquake jokes?


Or Pokemon uranium!