If we don't wipe, we shouldn't have to wash our hands. That's just common sense, amirite?


All humans deserve equal rights. All gay people are humans. Gay people deserve equal rights. amirite?
You secretly wish you had twin gay sons, amirite?

to watch them make out?

You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold, amirite?

hahaha i just lol'd

i hate the cold

Homophobia; the fear that gay men will treat you the way you treat women, amirite?

hehehe good one

The only wood that you'd suck on in front of your parents is a pencil, amirite?
You would have sex with Usher, amirite?


Girls, If you don't get dressed after your shower, you will end up playing with your boobs for a while, amirite?



You would have sex with Usher, amirite?

yeah... i love those youtube vids of him. just shirtless......... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

You secretly wish you had twin gay sons, amirite?
So Katy Perry can't wear a little Tinkerbell outfit on Sesame Street, but it's fine for Elmo to run around without any pants? I'm confused. amirite?

he doesn't have giant freak boobs.

It's really annoying when your parents come home tired and say something like "You know, some of us have to work all day!" and you're just thinking "Yeah, because school is a real piece of cake. I didn't work all day at all. I don't have a bunch of homework or anything." Amirite?

maybe if you did homework instead of this you wouldn't have to complain.

You would have sex with Usher, amirite?

hahahaha that's super awesome!!

How are male cheerleaders considered gay? They're the ones who get to touch girls and look up their skirts, while football players are the ones touching and laying all over other guys. amirite?

it's because they're so hot.