About me.

I hate writing about myself(and writing at all, just ask any English teachers/Professors I've had), but I'll get over it.
I'm 20, and mostly my life is: go to class, do homework(well, actually, I often don't), work, listen to music, and repeat. Except, I'm kind of taking a break from school, only in one class now and I work a lot more. Also I am now learning to play guitar, but it's hard to find time.
A few bands/artists I like(naming them all would take forever): Muse, AWOLNATION, Noel Gallagher, Imagine Dragons, Oasis, Rise Against, Green Day, Foster The People, Hurts, Wolf Gang, Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane, Eve 6, My Chemical Romance, The Wombats. That ended up a bit longer than expected, think I got the important ones in there.
My "boyfriends/lovers" consist of my car, my trumpets, and a variety of musicians and baseball players, though I'm not that fangirly nor do I frequently have a boyfriend. I tend to like being on my own.
Oh, occasionally I do read, fantasy mostly; favorite author is Brandon Sanderson.
And I like pi. Pie is good too, but not as exciting.
Also, I own a house, which I think is pretty cool. It's mine and my brothers actually, split evenly, bought when I was 19. I'm quite proud of that, because it took a lot of work and saving money to purchase one so young.
You may now consider yourself thoroughly knowledgeable about me.

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