About me.

Don't ask me what my name is.

My username used to be RomanPwnage

I think that vegetarians are pussies.

I'm a conservative, deal with it.

The world isn't going to end in 2012, just because your calendar ends on December 31st doesn't mean that that's when the world ends either.
If you ever see a six fingered man, drop me a line.
I've been in gifted and talented classes all my life

I'm a complete band nerd, I play too many instruments to list (and being able to play smoke on the water on a guitar isn't one of them, and I wish that people would stop using that to qualify themselves as "musicians")

I'm an obsessive Harry Potter fan. I'm a dedicated Ravenclaw. Who doesn't love Luna Lovegood?
I cried when Sirius died. And you Twihards can shut up because I witnessed a girl in class start crying over a Twilight book.

I wish I could kiss Joss Whedon. That man is a genius.

Since it seems to be the trend I'll tell you about some of my favorite bands. Here goes nothing.
-Stone temple pilots
-Cheap Trick
-Rocky Horror Picture Show (I know it's not a band, but you cannot deny Riff Raff's voice has a certain sexiness.
-Cobra Starship (shut up)
-Ronald Jenkees
-The Killers

I'm not too interesting, but if by some unknown reason you would like to know more about me you can always leave a comment. As long as you don't say stuff like "waayyy" because then I might be forced to eat your first born child.