About me.

Hi. I'm Carla. You have clicked on my profile. Congratulations. Let's get straight into it then.

  • Yes, I am a 14 year old girl. No, I am not an idiot.
    -I am from South Africa, the only country where people actually dance while protesting O.o
    -I speak English and Afrikaans.
    -I play guitar. -I like to believe I am more intelligent than the people around me.
    -I am really lazy, but I still manage to maintain an A average. School is kinda the only thing I'm good at. That and arguing.
    -My musical obsessions include: Foster the People, Young the Giant, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Locnville, One Direction, The Fray and Muse.
    -I am agnostic at the moment. That's probably rich coming from someone who comes from a Catholic primary school...
    -I'm not into sports but for some reason I'm hooked on soccer (just watching it, not playing). I am a die-hard FC Barcelona fan.
    -My favourite movies are Slumdog Millionaire and Letters to Juliet. Live long and prosper.