Harry Pot-heads are just as annoying as Twi-hards, amirite?
@Kaitlyn Harry Potter fans are always shocked and kind of angry when you say you don't like Harry Potter. At least Twilight...

I got spat on for saying I didn't like Twilight...

There are always crazies in a fandom, the proportions are slightly lower with Harry Potter, and slightly higher in Twilight.

If we're talking about the crazies, I find them both equally annoying, but the sane ones (the ones that know when to, and when not to, talk about it) are okay.

No matter what society tells us, we should all save sex for marriage, amirite?

I'd rather wait until I was ready.
If that means after marriage, fine whatever.
The only time I judge someone based on their sex life is when it's a girl who appears to think STDs are Pokémon.

It's irritating when girls act all high and mighty just because they don't wear makeup, some girls need that makeup to feel decent about themselves or to cover up acne/acne scars. Not all girls that wear makeup are sluts, get over yourself, amirite?

I'm kinda iffy on this.
On the one hand I understand that some girls wear make-up to feel better about how they look, I feel better wearing a bit of powder foundation and some mascara, but I only wear it on occasion.
I don't understand the girls that wear 3 layers of liquid foundation, the shorts skirts or just leggings and a T-shirt, then wonder why guys think they're easy.
I never call someone a slut without good reason, but some girls I just look at and think "Why?".

It doesn't matter whether or not the government recognizes your marriage, a truth does not depend on a government endorsement to be true. have a private ceremony, be married, and stop bitching that people won't let you, amirite?

To basically sum up what everyone is arguing here.
The problem homosexuals have is that there partnership is not seen equally by the government as heterosexual marriages. And the problem is that the government matters quite a bit. Married couples (Straight couples) have a right to things that homosexual partners do not.
It's not a fight for 'Marriage' it's a fight for the right to be seen as equal by the law.

It's annoying when someone complains about someone giving spoilers to a film made from a book. There is already the massive 'plot spoiler' out there, and just because you can't be bothered to pick it up doesn't mean we can't talk about it, amirite?
@LittleRed This post sounds kind of stuck up. I'm sure you didn't finish the book within the first hour it wad released, and...

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound stuck up. It's just there are those people out there that will purposely go and seek information about the film, get onto a site about the books and then get annoyed when there aren't as many spoiler warnings as they would like.
Or someone overhearing your conversation and telling you you can't talk about it.

Basically this post is only talking about the assholes that get overly stressed about it.

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, each kid is supposed to represent a rising problem in today's youth. Mike Teavee watches too much T.V., Augustus Gloop eats like a pig, and Veruca Salt is spoiled. However, Violet Beauregarde's problem of obsessive gum chewing is stretching it, amirite?

The idea in the book is that she is too competitive. Both films addressed this, the first not so obviously.

Americans: Drink weak, pissy-tasting beer. Canadians: Drink strong, pissy-tasting beer. Brits: Drink warm, beery-tasting piss. Aussies: Drink anything with alcohol in it. amirite?

Not all Brits drink warm beer, in fact, few do. We prefer it cold like everyone else.

Also, if you're in the South West of England you tend to have cider over beer.

Why do people assume all areas of one country are the same?

You have to wonder if the parents feel disappointed when their child actor curses in a movie, amirite?

Imagine the parents of the girl that played Hit Girl.

You have never played Dungeons and Dragons before, but you are interested in the concept, amirite?

Played it, it's actually very cool.

Piers Morgan from the UK, Sharon Osbourne from the UK, and Howie Mandel from Canada. It's called America's Got Talent, amirite?

Well, clearly America HAS talent, but just can't make an accurate judge on what qualifies as talent.

It's hard to remember your locker combination after Christmas break, amirite?
There's no such thing as a MILF, amirite?

Kari Byron.
Image in content

Yeah, she's a mum.

No because I seem to only meet the REALLY obvious ones, or the ones that I admit were attractive, but didn't want to date anyway.

It's hard to remember your locker combination after Christmas break, amirite?

We use keys.