If two really tall people get married and have a dwarf baby, they would develop back problems from bending down to hold the baby's hand as it learns to walk, amirite?

They would still have back problems with normal sized babies. Normal babies are just as short as "dwarf" babies.

Pornstars are horrible actors, amirite?

A: "Looks like you forgot your homework"
B:"Please! I can't fail this class!"
A: "fine." whips out genitals as 40 mins of mindless sex ensues

It's interesting how you can bump a large body part, like your arm, against something and it will only hurt a little, but if you hit a smaller body part, like your nose or your big toe, against something with the same amount of force, it will cause so much pain that you'll swear that you are about to die and scream profanities out loud, amirite?

That's because when you hit something like your arm, the force is spread over a large area. There is less pressure per square inch on you arm then say if you hit your toe. Since your toe is small, the same force is now compacted into a tiny area.

You know you're bad when you sound like Fran Drescher with a cold..

If they can make underwater cameras, they should be able to do the same for cell phones, computers, etc. so we won't have to worry about getting them wet, amirite?

They can, they just don't so that if your phone does get wet, you have to spend more money to buy another one.

You can't look directly at a word in your first language without reading it, amirite?

what if it's in another language? I can't read Swahili

Dogs don't touch our poo, so why should we have to pick up theirs, amirite?

Dogs don't put us on leashes and tell us what and when to eat, so why should we tell them?

Beating your wife is so fucking stupid. It's like keying your own car, amirite?

JIMMY CARR.. dudes a legend

Every comedian who's ever had a tv show, their regular stand up is a LOT more fucking funny than the show, amirite?

George Lopez

E-mail is ancient. I wonder what the alternative to texting will be in ten years, amirite?
If babies are sick on someone people just laugh it off amd say its ok. But if i was sick on someone they'd most likely slap me. amirite?

what the hell is being 'sick on someone'?

Big Mac: $5.49 Cheeseburger: $1 Cheeseburger ($1) + Cheeseburger ($1) + Sauce (.50) = Big Mac ($2.50) ...what? amirite?
@Serg YES! NINE CENTS! I SHALL USE IT TO BUY.....something....

Assuming that prices have remained constant for the past 50 years (which they obviously have not), that big mac dude who ate 25,000 burgers would have saved $2250, which could buy him approximately more big mac 403 meals, or approximately 606 more big macs .

In a world where we are so technologically advanced that we have created airplanes and computers, why are we still unable to properly predict the weather? amirite?

Human beings are very poor at predicting the future.

Some online advertisements are so obnoxious and annoying, they probably hurt the sales of the product, amirite?

norton antivirus

Technically, Malcolm isn't in the middle, amirite?

Actually, he has 2 older brothers, Francis and Reese
and 2 younger brothers, Dewey and Jamie
He's #3 out of 5 so he's perfectly in the middle