Everyone wishes at 11:11, amirite?

It's eleven-eleven right now my time :o

Ayn Rand just needed to get laid, amirite?

This is funny because we just finished Anthem in class.

Even if it's a sad book, A Child Called It gave you a good laugh in a few places, amirite?

I couldn't sleep well for weeks after I read it, and I didn't even finish it.

Make your hand a fist, now look at your finger tips. They're all lined up. Stretch them out, all different lengths. What the fuck, amirite?

I'm really confused. I don't know about you, but when I make my hand into a fist my fingertips are inside the fist.

Johnny Depp's role in Alice in Wonderland was way overemphasized in the marketing. amirite?

My friends and I would listen/watch the advertisements that said "Starring Johnny Depp!" And we would be confused because we'd think "Johnny Depp plays Alice?

@notlinkin I know how to use a plunger =).

Exactly, like most rational people would.

What came first? Phoenix or the Fire? amirite?

It's pretty sad that we can read one line from a seven book series and realize which word is wrong in that quote. And by sad I mean pretty freakin' awesome.@851612 (Skippy):

I have an actual farmer's tan, which I got while doing farm work.

What did Delaware? Idaho, Alaska! amirite?

You da ho?

How do they get Tyra Mail inside the house without anyone noticing, amirite?

The mail is now on a TV screen in their house.

copycats for cereal is stupid. why the hell do you need it when we already have cereal exactly the same, amirite?

I also think the off brand tastes better, but that's just me.

A haunted house would be a perfect place for a murder because people are paid to chase after you with weapons, your screams wouldn't be taken seriously, and, after you are dead, the next group would just think you are a part of the scenery, amirite?

You, my friend, are a genius.
My mind is officially blown.

It's embarrassing when somebody compliments someone else, but you think they were talking to you and say thank you, amirite?

Or, even better:
"Aww, your shoes are so pretty!
"Thank you! ... For being nice to that guy!"

Sitting by the fire, next to the christmas tree with a lot of presents wrapped underneath along with your family sitting around you with hot chocolate in your hands. Don't you just love the feeling of Christmas, amirite?

Sounds pretty perfect... if my dad gets out of the hospital in time for Christmas. I'm just an emotional wreck right now.

You don't understand how Hermione always gets away with blowing off her parents for her friends, especially around big family holidays such as Christmas, amirite?

She used magic.