You find it rude and inconsiderate that your grandchildren haven't time-traveled to come and visit you, amirite?

It's even crazier to think that perhaps they HAVE traveled back, but there are laws set in place in regards to Time Travel that prevent any direct (or revelatory) interaction, or explicitly stating who they are and where they are from. All they can do is subtly observe, idly converse.

That being said, who's to say we haven't interacted with someone from the future who will become a great part of our lives? Someone who passes by us in the present for just a moment: a customer we serve at work, someone we see at the grocery store who says "Excuse me" as they pass, a stranger walking by our homes, eager for a glimpse into the things we do.

But they are secretive. They are hidden.

Take a piece of string and wrap it around the earth's equator, and then add one meter to the string's length. Now wrap it around again in a perfect circle so that it's floating above the equator, and measure the width of the gap between the string and the ground. Now do the same thing with a golf ball. Both gaps have the same width, amirite?

Ok, I circled the equator but I still can't find a damn golf ball.

It takes a brave man to admit he's wrong. It takes a braver man to not delete the original comment, amirite?
Don't correct me when I don't capitalize god. He's not a proper noun if I don't believe in him, amirite?
Love potions in Harry Potter are really just fancy date rape drugs. amirite?
@FlyingGuineaPig Who would witches go to to report that? Aurors? Maybe the Misuse of Magical Artifacts office?

You don't report it, you wait until you father a child to grow further and further apart and eventually break free from the love potion and never come back. That way the child, who will become an orphan, will foster an underlying dislike for his heritage and muggles and soon turn into a horrible homicidal maniac bent on destroying all traces of wizards/wizards without an ancestry in magic. Then you smirk quietly in your grave, knowing that you've exacted the best revenge possible on the cause of your problem.

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Sea levels aren't rising because of global warming. Due to the increase in obesity, the continents are in fact, sinking. amirite?
@31 people are obese.

You seem to be lost... Let me help you:

If you're on a Windows computer, go to My Computer, C:, Windows, Media, then click onestop.mid. It's the best thing ever, amirite?
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The best books to reread are the Harry Potter books because then you can see all the crazy foreshadowing you missed when reading them the first time. Like in Chamber of Secrets: "holy shit, Harry feels close to the diary because they're both Horcruxs, how did I miss that?", amirite?
@Hear, hear.

ear, ear!

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If I'm José, Amirite?
@That makes seven of us.

What are you? Horcruxes?

To most Christians, the Bible is like the terms of use for a software license. Nobody actually reads it, they just scroll to the bottom and click "I agree", amirite?
You hate a weak female protagonist in a book who worships the floor that her love walks on, who would give up her life in a snap of his finger, who would sell out her family and friends for him, and who would give up on life and become self-loathing if he ever left her, amirite?

Mulan would kick Bellas ass

I went to a restaurant the other day and I noticed that my waitress had a black eye. I made sure I spoke loud and clear when ordering my food because she obviously had trouble listening, amirite?
@Wow, Amirite's gone downhill since I was last on here.

Are you kidding Anonymous? I see you around ALL THE TIME

You find the fact that "Mickey Mouse" spelled backwards is "Satan" very unsettling, amirite?

We've got ourselves a super sleuth. Nothing gets past you!

The unknown of dying is not as scary as the unknown of what happens after you are dead, amirite?

"To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."

You can name at least 5 songs that would be better without Kanye West's "rapping" part, amirite?

Taylor Swift's acceptance speech...