The "vagina" game is much more difficult than the "penis" game. amirite?

yupp, but its not harder =D

There is no need to label headphones "L" and "R". It sounds the same no matter which ears you put them in. Why hasn't apple figured this out yet? amirite?

Also their shape is different

Taking down the Labor Day decorations and putting up the 9/11 decorations is always so depressing, amirite?
@sophiesnap12345 what 9/11 "decorations"....?

I was gonna ask that, but i'll go ahead and ask what labor day decorations instead.

The point of the video Kony 2012 was not that we all need to protest and donate to stop something that's been going on for years. The video is an experiment of the internet's power. To see if we can make this video go viral and spread the word to show congress that the special unit deployed to Uganda to stop Joseph Kony (ONE person committing these crimes) needs to finish their mission. The point is that you can make a difference with just a like, a comment or a tweet, amirite?

No...the point was to stop a horrifically evil man who is making children viciously mutilate other human beings. If it was shown that tweeting helped accomplish that goal, then yes, it showed that in the process.

"Truth or dare?" "Dare, because the truth is scarier than anything you can dare me to do." amirite?

I dare you to tell the truth to this question....

Atheists usually end up bashing Christianity more than any other religion, amirite?
@Fanatic yeah I get what you're saying. I just feel like most of the atheists I meet don't criticize other religions as much...

I don't criticize Christianity, I criticize the Christians who criticize me for my Atheism.

When an officer says, "How high are you?" the proper response is, "No, officer. It's hi, how are you?", amirite?

Tried that last night, then I realised he said drunk....didn't go over so well

It's funny how I can voluntarily work for free, but if someone pays me four bucks an hour for the same work, it's not legal anymore. amirite?

It's weird how you can't pay people for sex (prostitution), but you can pay them to have sex with other people (porn)

Some people resemble fish so much it's not even funny, amirite?
There are probably a few amish people who secretely sneak around an iPod or laptop, amirite?

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS JONNY?....seriously what is this"?

"Leonardo Dicaprio is known for his role in..." Guys: you thought of Inception. Girls: you thought of Titanic, amirite?

Next time put the answers as the first comment...then people won't accidentally keep reading like me :O

You hate it when someone hands you their cellphone claiming it's your dad, when CLEARLY it's a cellphone, amirite?

Don't trust the System, mannnnn

Rather you believe it or not, the bible is the ultimate love story, amirite?

rather i believe it or not?

Eating soup or ice-cream with a fork is difficult. am I right?

Well shit, really?

Amirite within amirite within amirite makes amiritception, amirite?

The fuck is up with these people crying over how he added a POTD tag, it's a clever idea in the first place and it actually only works fully if the potd tag is there