When you are sick, you feel like any other sickness would be better than what you have. For example, sore throat? Damn, I'd settle for a headache right now! amirite?

Cancer? Damn, I'd settle for a headache right now!

Condoms aren't expensive...

You think Mad Libs are really [adjective], amirite?

Technically everyone has to YYA this d smilie

If you got message from your Girlfriend saying "Honey,Thespacebuttononthisphoneisfaultywhenyougethomepleasegivemeanalternative." you'd wonder what a ternative is, amirite?
I just heard that someone published a book about having sex with herbs. It's about fucking thyme, amirite?
Everything is easier said than done, except talking... That's about the same, amirite?

Except doing nothing. Doing nothing is easier done than said.

Apparently if you walk outside at night with someone else, you become kidnap-proof, amirite?

No... You just become kidnap resistant. There's a big difference between proof and resistant, as swiss watch makers will happily tell you and charge you $1000 for.

It would suck to be a grammar nazi and suddenly be turned into a pen belonging to a dyslexic person. amirite?

I think it would suck to be turned into a pen, period.

The "other fish in the sea" metaphor isn't quite accurate. It's more like a lake full of Magikarp, but you don't want those Magikarp. You want the bright, beautiful, red Gyarados in the middle of the lake. And if you have to swim through all those Magikarp to find your Gyarados, then so be it, amirite?
There should be mild consequences for bad jokes. amirite?

i make people go outside of the room for 5 minutes. So people never tell me jokes on the highway...

Computer people: It's annoying as hell when whenever someone is having a problem with their computer they blame it on having a virus. amirite?

It depends. If I had to steal an army helicopter and crash land it into the prison he is in to attract the guards while he makes a run for it, then yes. But no way in hell would I jaywalk to get said helicopter.

It would be truly terrible to hold one of your parent's severed heads, amirite?

let's hope it is not your father's.

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Sometimes, you really miss your innocence, amirite?

But now I realize I have a birthday because my parents like having sex. :(

The world is not going to end in 2012. Why? Because on 11/11 2011 at 11:11, millions of people are going to wish that the world is not going to end in 2012. amirite?