It's National Unblock Anyone Who Hasn't ACTUALLY "Harassed" You Day!!! Will You Join In With This Gesture of Goodwill Towards All? ;)

Only one is blocked, and I'm not gonna unblock him. He can go screw himself.

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LOL JK, it's 1991 but it's so old it sounds 1970s.
Fight music.

Did you ever see people celebrating 9/11 (disturbing) on that day and the days following?

The left accuses the right of making up, but plenty of phone calls on 9/11 made to Howard Stern were from people reporting that they did do that. Shame on them. Attacking civilians like that.

How Would You Define "A Lady"?

I take issue with the definition 3a, possibly in reference to manners as well. In most of the celebrity elite, which has been part of Spanish/Italian culture for the longest, dating to Ancient Roman, they were probably more "bro"-saying than anyone else. I think properness is more of a Northern Euro trait, and they've been leading in democracy and anti-classism more than anyone else. And I don't mean Visigoths when I say Spanish.

Simple - dogs don't have sin, humans do. The phrase "evil that men do" is all too true.

Do you love theatre?
@dru18 I LOVE live Theater!!

I can never understand how hoodlums and gangstaz hate Broadway. Never seen a musical with hip hop in it.

Would you ever force portions or a diet on your household?

Me? HELL NO! Been through the white liberal nonsense for too long. I would never do that! I mean I wouldn't buy snacks all the time, and no junk food, but I would cook spaghetti and white rice and French fries every now and then. Switch it up. Dieting is suicide honestly.

How Would You Define "A Lady"?
@Piper2 We agree about 3a, AdamNY, for sure.

LOL either you hate the word "bro" like Linnster, but you agree with me, or you love the word AND agree with me.
Either way I respect you. :D This my friends is what I call a smart lady and not some Dolores Tierney or Mary Beltran

Do you like Steven Seagal?
@StarzAbove Nope

He's an arrogant thug who think he's "gangsta." He puts that act in many of his movies.
In "Urban Justice" he says, "Who you calling white boy, ?" What a dumb
In "Out for justice," he tries to act black saying, "You were sucking his thumb while your brother was around town sucking dicks."

How Would You Define "A Lady"?
@Piper2 I don't have strong feelings about the word "bro", myself.

Well that's good, sis. At least it's not hate :D
If I may ask what ethnicity are you, dear friend?

Anyone here hate Donald Trump like I do?

Believe it or not, Trump is not distrustworthy, as much as he could be a douche.
He's no Bloomberg. He had a consistent platform. He's just more liberal cause he's from NY.
I just don't think he's gonna give a damn about us Hispanics or blacks. He's proven it time to time. BUt he will keep the country's interests at heart. I do believe that. Hilary won't.

Does any song remind you of "Looney Tunes"? lol

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Yes, one day computers with info can go down. A book can never go down. Books are valuable. Old things are valuable for survival reasons.

How Would You Define "A Lady"?

A lady got class and respects others, and in the case of a Latina woman says "bro" a lot (no I don't mean Rodriguezes or Lopezes). To make it even more classy those say types call themselves a "woman" before a "girl" (as it's more common to do)

Why do people incorrectly assume Italians are the cause of all the racism up North? What are they morons?

Linnster, Philly D, I apologize -- I didn't know you meant the question I was talking about.
Oh man, second time, good thing I corrected myself so that this wouldn't be a repeat of what happened before.