Journalist in trouble for shooting at ISIS. Screw ISIS - good for him!

Terrorists target journalists all the time, so I don't buy the argument that his actions have endangered journalists everywhere. The more people killing ISIS, the better.

What kinda bastard gets off insulting people for their education level?

I can't say for sure, but I have noticed that there are usually errors in spelling and grammar in such comments. Often, when people hurl an insult, it's something that they subconsciously believe about themselves: it bothers them, so they assume it will bother others.

Should welfare be banned?

If folks need it, I'm all for it. When I see someone working the system, it pisses me off.

What's your favorite rainy day movie?
Should we ban abortion/planned parenthood? Why/why not?

How about we start by not funding Planned Parenthood with tax dollars.

Allow the states to make their own abortion laws.

The crap that a fetus is not a person is ridiculous. It IS a person in the early stages of development.

Should welfare be banned?

No, but it does need to be regulated much better.

Should BIll Clinton have been impeached? Why/why not?

He was impeached. Are you asking if he should have been? Yes, he was a pervert and should have been told to stop. Impeachment is about the only way we have of scolding a president.

Should old cartoons edit out the racist imagery? Why/why not?

Things were made that were a product of their time.Be they cartoons, books, whatever. They should not be censored because in these more enlightened times they would be offensive if made or written today.I remember reading a book called ' The a Little N****r Boy ' as a kid. I can't believe that the book is even available today but it was in my school library.Once you start , where do you stop?

NYers: anyone think the women at WPIX-11 had the cutest reaction to the 9/11 attacks?

I don't get that station around here. Sounds like a good group of anchors.

Bruno Mars is a crap-for-brains. Amirite?

No clue. Not sure who he is.

Are people obliged to understand every single thing about politics?

It never will happen that everyone will understand politics. Politics is a language of it own. It rules does not match the morals, values, or ethics that most people have. Politics is the most lower part of life, it so evil, and I mean it evil. You can not trust people who are in politics.

Does it do a disservice to victims' families to say their loved ones committed suicide on 9/11 (jumpers)?

Faced with the choice of instant death and a miserable suffering one that takes a bit of time, it was NOT suicide. It's way better than burning to death.