You get pissed when you're out of questions, or ChaCha doesn't reply to your questions... Amirite?

Or when you have T-Mobile and "ChaCha SMS isn't available for your carrier!"

Shows on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel constantly recycle the plotlines of other shows; for example, there is always an episode where the main character is dating a significant other, but wants to break up with them. For whatever reason, they can't, so they make themselves unappealing so the SO will break up with them. Something goes wrong, and in the end, a mutual seperation occurs. amirite?
Never tell a girl that you like her. It just makes you look like an idiot, amirite?
@IAMALWAYSRIGHT Tell me, I wanna be part of the club. D:

awe, i want to, but they might lock me up again... i don't want to go back there... shudder.

Never tell a girl that you like her. It just makes you look like an idiot, amirite?

no one gets it... hehe:)
i feel like part of a special club or something...

Evolution should make dog-sized elephants, amirite?

i love connecting with random people over the internet over seemingly random things.

Your boyfriend has an everlasting gobstopper, amirite?

(smarmy mcgee): i meant legit as in an -actual- gobstopper, not the gross way used in the post, thank you.

Your boyfriend has an everlasting gobstopper, amirite?

i just completely freaked out because while i was waiting for amirite to load, i put a legit gobstopper in my mouth.

hitachiin brothers<3

What happens when Stephen Hawking dies? The Windows Shutdown sound plays, amirite?
@This makes no sense, Stephen Hawking had nothing to do with windows... Did you mean to say Bill Gates?

no, but since steven hawking speaks and basically lives through a computer, he would make the shut down noise when he died.

Hearing the vacuum seal pop when you open up an airtight jar is so satisfying, amirite?

especially if you have been trying to open it for 10 minutes and/or no one else was able to open it.

People should start saying womps instead of swearing. amirite?

I was just about to go to another site when I glanced at this... made my night:) haha that is kind of sad, isn't it?

It's annoying when you're texting someone and they send one saying "gtg, bye"... umm, pretty sure you're using a cellphone, you can take it anywhere you're going, amirite?

And it's also quite possible that their phone is dying and they aren't around their charger. Think before you speak.

Go now, or forever hold your pee, amirite?

my old science teacher used to say this to us alll the time :)

Adam Lambert is the new Elton John, amirite?

Preeetty sure Elton John did not make out with men on stage, or shove them into his crotch.