Evolution should make dog-sized elephants, amirite?

i love connecting with random people over the internet over seemingly random things.

The glee version of teenage dream is just as good, If not better, than the original version, amirite?

that is all.

You've never seen an old lady with long, straight hair, amirite?

Ugh, I had a really old bus driver once with looong, pin straight, gray hair. She looked like a witch and was soooo creepy...

It's weird how usually ur younger sibs r morebpopular at school than u r, amirite?

...Isn't there even something that comes up before the post goes up that asks you to review and edit it if necessary?
You must have known a lot of people would slam you for this...
But yes, my younger sister is 50 times more popular than me. I don't really care so much any more.

One time a Dementor kissed her...and it DIED. amirite?

Probably my favorite line in the play, but no one else even remembers it! Haha, I think I just like how he says it in the accent :))

Drink apple juice because OJ will kill you. amirite?

it's kinda sad that you have to explain it, don't you think? even if you were born after the whole thing happened, it has been a source of so many gags and jokes that everyone should have learned about the story at some point.
this is so funny though =D

It's so much cooler when you have a unique name. I mean, who wants to be an "Emily". amirite?

My name is Emily... My dad wanted to name me Isabel and call me Izzy and I think that would be way more epic than Emily but my mom won that battle...

It's disrespectful that they are building a mosque 600 ft away from Ground Zero. amirite?
@ohmythatsawkward i didnt say all of them were terrorists.

I know, but by saying they shouldn't be able to practice their religion near a site where some other idiots did something that hurt the reputation of innocent Muslims is kind of prejudiced, I think.

Ok this is the 21st century nobody spells anything correctly anymore it's so fucking annoying how people keep commenting on how you abbreviate or accidentally miss spell things get a life people, amirite?

I feel as if this is aimed toward me and the others who commented on the poor English in your last post...

people always ask if you feel a year older on your birthday, amirite?

Either that or they say, "So how does it feel to be -age-?" and it's like uhhh not too different?

It just isn't right when the older sibling is shorter than the younger sibling, amirite?

:(( I'm 14 and about 6-8 inches shorter than my 13 year old sister.

You get pissed when you're out of questions, or ChaCha doesn't reply to your questions... Amirite?

Or when you have T-Mobile and "ChaCha SMS isn't available for your carrier!"

How is the Krusty Krab open when Spongebob's not there? He's the only fry cook, amirite?

Uhhh neither of them are fry cooks ?

Drink apple juice because OJ will kill you. amirite?

thaat is so crazy, because so was my cousin! haha we were JUST talking about this the other day!
and yeah im just like, he killed his wife and claimed he didnt do it even though it was really obvious he did haha

Hearing the vacuum seal pop when you open up an airtight jar is so satisfying, amirite?

especially if you have been trying to open it for 10 minutes and/or no one else was able to open it.