Shows on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel constantly recycle the plotlines of other shows; for example, there is always an episode where the main character is dating a significant other, but wants to break up with them. For whatever reason, they can't, so they make themselves unappealing so the SO will break up with them. Something goes wrong, and in the end, a mutual seperation occurs. amirite?
It's annoying when you're texting someone and they send one saying "gtg, bye"... umm, pretty sure you're using a cellphone, you can take it anywhere you're going, amirite?

And it's also quite possible that their phone is dying and they aren't around their charger. Think before you speak.

You've cried on your eleventh birthday when you didn't get your Hogwarts acceptance letter. amirite?

Just FYI, the letters don't come on the actual birthday; it just so happened that Harry received his on the day he was born because of the series of events that led up to it. As you might remember, the letters came way before Harry's birthday, starting at the Dursley's house, then moving to the hotel, and then to the Hut-On-The-Rock where Harry "celebrated" his birthday and where Hagrid finally came to fetch him. They probably would have sent all the letters out at once in July. Wow, I sound like a huge nerd. But I do love your name and avatar-picture thing. :))

Never tell a girl that you like her. It just makes you look like an idiot, amirite?

no one gets it... hehe:)
i feel like part of a special club or something...

The glee version of teenage dream is just as good, If not better, than the original version, amirite?

that is all.

Drink apple juice because OJ will kill you. amirite?

it's kinda sad that you have to explain it, don't you think? even if you were born after the whole thing happened, it has been a source of so many gags and jokes that everyone should have learned about the story at some point.
this is so funny though =D

Evolution should make dog-sized elephants, amirite?

i love connecting with random people over the internet over seemingly random things.

Never tell a girl that you like her. It just makes you look like an idiot, amirite?
@IAMALWAYSRIGHT Tell me, I wanna be part of the club. D:

awe, i want to, but they might lock me up again... i don't want to go back there... shudder.

Its sucks when you are flirting with some hottie, then all of a sudden their parents threaten to call the police if you don't leave the playground, amirite?

an anonymous pedobear could actually be more frightening than the real pedobear.

The rule "I before E, except after C" isn't very efficient. amirite?

also, the rule is weird, foreign, and ancient.

There is nothing wrong with leaving your baby in the car for the night. amirite?

It's obviously a troll, and you can tell just by looking at the username.
But still, some people do this and it's soo wrong!

More people would lose weight if you had to peddle to make the computer work , amirite?

peddle means to sell, but i get what you're saying :)) haha this is so true!

Elder siblings: you have used the excuse "Because I'm older," at least once to get your way over your younger brothers/sisters, amirite?

and then my little sister (by one year) retorts with "but i'm taller."

hitachiin brothers<3

Hurting your parents is possibly the worst feeling in the world. amirite?

Whoever voted NW either has no heart or a really good reason to be angry with their parent(s).