Art and music are WAY more important than anyone really thinks about...I mean, the world would be nothing without it. So why are schools so fast about cutting art and music classes, rather than other ones? They're just as important as educational classes, amirite?
@obs3ss3d SO true. Our track team is one of the best in the country, and it's a no-cut team, unless you start skipping. But...

Administrators and superintendents make too much for what they do. Teachers and a few good secretaries are all a school really needs, plus one principal to be in charge. There's no need for assistant principals for every grade level. Their money could be put to much better use, like your track team, or my band.

Gay marriage, God, Abortion, Global warming. Now have fun debating! amirite?
No video game will ever surpass Ocarina of Time, amirite?
They shouldn't let obese people park in handicapped spaces; they should make the park as far away from the store as possible so they could get some damn exercise! Amirite?

I can understand if they're fat because of their handicap, but if fat IS their handicap, then that's just messed up.

Friends are more important than family. Yes, your family raise and feed you, but your friends truly accept you for who you are. Your friends can disown you any time they please, while your parents are stuck with you until they kick you out, or you finally let go. amirite?

Friends grow apart. It's a sad fact of life. But families can fall apart too. So I guess I can't vote.

It's weird to know that Americas most popular musician is this creepy woman who is often accused of being a transvestite. amirite?

I'm not a huge fan, but at least she has talent.

Riding a dinosaur to work lowers global warming and increases global awesomeness. amirite?

If only scientists got around to cloning dinosaurs. :D

Sunflower seeds are extremely addicting, amirite?

Uck, the whole drumline has been eating them for the last year, and the entire band practice field(aka my schools back parking lot) is covered it the seed shells.

You are single, amirite?
It's almost funny when you see signs that say "Slow: We Love Our Children". What else is it going to say? "Gun it: We Can Make More"? amirite?
@campykelsey that's so mean;)

Whats funny is the owner of the sign had no idea it didn't have a comma. Eventually someone decided to steal the sign, which was really mean.

When we were younger the phrase "I'll be your bestfriend!" was the bribe equivalent of a stack of cash. Amirite?

I used to say that to my real best friend all the time, it confused him.

In movies and TV shows, a school is full of attractive, nice, normal people... No fat people, no gangstas, no druggies, no rebels, no gays/lesbians... amirite?

Why does this have so many yya'a? I can't think of any (good) shows that don't have rebels, or gangstas, or gays, or at least a bully and a weird kid.

It sucks when people don't answer your questions on YahooAnswers, amirite?

What was your question? Maybe someone here could answer.

No you can't compare Percy Jackson to Harry Potter but it still is a good series, amirite?
@Victoria_Marie I greatly appreciate both, but I'm afraid to see the movie because I know it's going to suck. But I feel like I...

The movie is...halfway decent, kinda. Some parts are a little entertaining. Overall, it's much too fast paced and they left out several characters I wanted to see. I wouldn't bother watching it again.