<span style="display:none;">Your username is awesome, amirite?</span>
if ( currentUserUsername ) { t="Your username is "+currentUserUsername;}
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</script>, amirite?
@SexKitten Thats me!?


You hate it when people text you "k" because you're rarely in the mood to ever talk about potassium. amirite?
@Stepharoo 'Tis why I say "hey" or "hello". :)

ah same! but sometimes my friends interpret hello as "Hugh Edwards loves lumpy oatmeal" and i just get blank stares

When thinking about it, you have to admit to yourself that unless you're British, you really don't know the last name of Prince William and the royal family, amirite?

tudor? habsburg? using my high school history knowledge based on popular dynasties... i ruled out Chang

A bar is probably one of the worst places to do homework. Its dark, has way too loud of music, and is full of drunk people. amirite?

yeah and a roller coaster's a bad place to give birth

Schools are becoming WAY too involved with their students' personal lives, amirite?

the fact that you can be suspended for getting in a fight over the weekend and outside of school is ridiculous

Life is like a function. It has its ups and downs, minimums and maximums, and zeroes (turning points in life), amirite?

i had a test on second derivatives and concavity today, and there was a graph just like this. it made me want to cry

What nationality is Mr Sheen? Polish, amirite?

i thought it was referring to charlie sheen, and implying that polish people were drug addicts haha i was dumbfounded on how it got homepaged

It's weird to think about how there's no technical or scientific name for "a booger", amirite?

I think we should call it booger, but treat it like a French word. Pronounce it like boo-jwa; it sounds more scientific and classy!

Stop, drop, and roll isn't just an effective fire safety tip, but it is also an interesting way to get out of a boring conversation, amirite?

rubs forehead twice

Since there's no post on Sundays, maybe amirite? should make it so that there are no posts on Sundays. amirite?
Shows are automatically better when they don't have a laugh track, amirite?

sometimes you can't tell when they're trying to be funny though...

Why does Flo from Progressive wear an apron? am I right?

She's a woman.

if you really think about it bananas are one of the weirdest fruits. 1) the shape 2) theyre not juicy 3) the texture of it, amirite?
It is illegal to sleep naked in Minnesota. Really? If you get busted for that then your cop is a major creep, amirite?

imagine your boyfriend was a cop and one morning after sex you wake up with a ticket on your head haha

It can be awkward when the girl you're dating has the same first name as your mom. Just ask Jesus, amirite?

the REASON is that Jesus having a girlfriend doesnt affect our faith, and its not a big deal. i bet they omitted books about him getting a new pair of sandals too, just because its not important for us to know