Sarc: Your second favorite kind of asm. Amirite?

Saw it on Ruminations. Unoriginal

The Republicans aren't pro-life, just anti-abortion. Why? They are pro-death penalty, anti-gay rights, pro-gun, pro-war, anti-Muslim, anti-healthcare for citizens, anti-primary education, and anti-low/middle class. Does pro-life not mean that all life is sacred? The Republicans only care about the child being born, and after that, they could care less, amirite?

I'm pretty sure Republicans (myself included) are anti-lazy-freeloading people who don't do anything but collect welfare checks.

In theory, the US mint could print a several-trillion-dollar bill and pay off that debt, amirite?

What a WONDERFUL idea! One which has NO downsides whatsoever

The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last time. amirite?

And "you may want to get tested"

Few things in life feel worse than that split second just before you vomit. amirite?

While you're getting stabbed

Life would be so much more interesting if a Bunsen burner and an unlimited gas supply were household objects, amirite?

Like a stove?

Admit it, it would be kind of fun to slay a few zombies, amirite?

Kind of fun? Uh no. Best moment in the history of the world

The way people are dancing these days, you wouldn't be surprised if they just ripped off their clothes and had sex right there, amirite?

Reminds me something where in a yearbook somewhere this past year, it was in the pictures they realized 2 students having sex right there and everyone had to turn back in the yearbook or face child pornography charges

Being a politician is like being a hooker: you can't be one unless you pretend to like someone while you're fucking them, amirite?

Which becomes quite confusing for the both of them when the politician inevitably has a sex scandal with the hooker

There is no moral justification for aborting a baby. Murder is a greater crime than rape, amirite?

inb4...ah shit, too late

Skrillex isn't dubstep, amirite?

Who cares what people call it. He still blazed on the music scene from nowhere and is one of the most talented dudes out there

Glee successfully did what Kidz Bop couldn't, amirite?

Sucking ass and still selling records? If you consider that "successful" then yes, I guess so

My god-fearing mother preaches that homosexuals are sick people who deserve to die and rot in hell for all of eternity but I'd like to think God really disapproves of all the hate she's spreading around. Amirite?

Fuckin troll

for a kids show you sure do see a lot of ass on spongebob, amirite?

And saggy boobies

You dont live in Madagascar, amirite?

You are a douche and like making a very basic post so that everyone on the face of the Earth will YYA, amirite?