In theory, the US mint could print a several-trillion-dollar bill and pay off that debt, amirite?

What a WONDERFUL idea! One which has NO downsides whatsoever

The way people are dancing these days, you wouldn't be surprised if they just ripped off their clothes and had sex right there, amirite?

Reminds me something where in a yearbook somewhere this past year, it was in the pictures they realized 2 students having sex right there and everyone had to turn back in the yearbook or face child pornography charges

It seems like everyone can have pride in their race, unless they're white. Then it's racist, amirite?

AMEN. Then all of a sudden civil rights lawyers get involved

It's weird seeing a Disney star in something else where they cuss and talk about sex and stuff, amirite?

Nothing seems weirder to me than how Drake goes from degrassi to being a rapper

Suicide is not the answer, because mixing coke and sprite is disgusting, amirite?

When I was a little kiddie I called it a "sproke". Suicide sounds way more intense

The Republicans aren't pro-life, just anti-abortion. Why? They are pro-death penalty, anti-gay rights, pro-gun, pro-war, anti-Muslim, anti-healthcare for citizens, anti-primary education, and anti-low/middle class. Does pro-life not mean that all life is sacred? The Republicans only care about the child being born, and after that, they could care less, amirite?

I'm pretty sure Republicans (myself included) are anti-lazy-freeloading people who don't do anything but collect welfare checks.

It's annoying when people say Eminem is the best white rapper in the game when he's the only white rapper they know. RA The Rugged Man, Apathy, Slug, Brother Ali, Kno, Vinnie Paz, Lord Lhus, Snak The Ripper, Surreal/Sound Providers are all capable MC's that deserve a look at before you claim Eminem is the best. Hell, even the Problemaddicts, the Procussions and the Youth have white MC's, amirite?

I can't help but think OP had to search "white rappers" on google to come up with all them names

Nerdy doesn't automatically mean unattractive, amirite?

When is this whole hipster phase going to die out

Contrary to popular belief, there ARE worse things that could happen to you than dying, amirite?

Gang rape by some rabid gorillas would probably be worse

fuck bitches get money doesn't really work. fuck bitches get a kid. amirite?

Or "fuck bitches get arrested for animal cruelty and bestiality and have PETA vandalize your house"

it's entirely normal to dislike teenagers when you are a teenager, amirite?

It's normal to complete DESPISE them, no matter how old you are

Our grandparents tell us about when they climbed a tree, broke their arm, and had to walk 5 miles home. We'll tell our grand kids about the time Facebook was down for 3 hours and we had to tough it out, amirite?

Or playstation network for the 2 weeks

for a kids show you sure do see a lot of ass on spongebob, amirite?

And saggy boobies

You feel better when you do your best and fail than when you don't do your best and pass, amirite?

What kind of stupid ass logic is this? I'd much rather half ass something and do well

Even though it's hair, it would just be weird to use shampoo on your pubic hairs, amirite?

Would this be good timing for a "I'm 12 and what is this"?