The reason so many adults lose optimism in the world is that you get older and realize Superman isn't real, then you get a little older and realize Lex Luther is real. amirite?

lex luther is real and his parents are jeff bezos and mark zuckerberg.

Horror films that don't use music are the scariest, amirite?

So are shows like icarly or drake & josh without laugh tracks

School is good, the school system is bad. amirite?
@Mrnobody7330 Actually due more to founding the department of education which is a very socialism thing to do

Tying school funding to property taxes doesn't help. Ed department should be scaled up and act as a direct funding aparatus for the public education system.

We can't sense our own presence. amirite?

Care to elaborate?

School is good, the school system is bad. amirite?

Kids aren't bad, the parents are

It doesn't make sense that a majority of stores are open 9-5 when most people work 9-5, amirite?
R.....e.....a.....d.....i.....n...g the first word would take longer due to having five periods between them. amirite?

It did though

A piano is one of the hardest instruments to pick up. Think about it. amirite?

Easiest to let me go of too. Especially when it's above a young age (read child)

Large communities could be toxic for many reasons. amirite?

Especially people with one gods?

School is good, the school system is bad. amirite?
It's not until you start buying groceries that you realize how expensive fast food is. amirite?

I had a conversation recently with my stepmom about this. As kids, we would eat a of the food as quickly as we could. We wouldn't think anything of it. She would get pissed that we went through $100 worth of food in no time. Not until I became an adult and starting paying for our family to go out to dinner did I realize how much my parents spent on food for 2 teenage boys and 1 girl.

Nextgen launches were literally IRL battle royales, amirite?
if you are in an argument between yes and no no wins because yes could be saying yes to no, amirite?
If a blind person hates you, it's based on who you are as a person. amirite?

Clayton Bigsby would like a word.

It turns out that living through a global event that will be remembered in the history books isn't anywhere near as exciting as reading about it in history books makes it seem. amirite?

This is an important thing to realize. A lot of people who say things like, "they don't build them like like they used to", or people who have nostalgia for a time period are generally looking back from comfort at a snapshot of memories that don't show the struggle behind the curtain.