Basketball and Football are the best sports by far! amirite?

If by football you mean soccer, then.. yeah you are

I may be a girl. I may wear makeup and be girlie, but when it all comes down to it, i'd rather hang out with the guys and chill, than deal with girl drama, amirite?
I dont get why SOME 14 year old girls think it's cool to have smoked, take drugs, have sex every week and party all night every night. amirite?
Alot of the hottest girls come from Norway amirite?

haha, enig med deg icel :)

Pringles are the Nazis of potato chips. All single file, dressed the same, corralled by a crazy mustached dictator, amirite?

I am sooo happy that you wrote the thing with facebook. I have been getting so much s**t because of the facebook thing.. it is so stupid :p

Some guys have the perfect hair. Then they cut it. Amirite?
Womens football: Neither fotballers or women, amirite?

uh... I play soccer? And I'm 110% woman.. Teen actually..

a lot of those girls in the "popular" clique are only friends with each other for their looks, their friendship isn't actually based on anything meaningful. Thats why there is so much drama and gossip in that group, they secretly hate each other. amirite?

not true! i am one of the girls, and i love all of my friends! and i get good grades, and am the captain of my soccer team. dont judge them before you know them

Cool guys walk away from explosions, amirite?
"1 out of every 3 smokers die." Apparently the other 2 become immortal, amirite?

gotta love facebook :-)

the whole world watches the world cup. its almost as big as the olympics amirite?

yeah mine too really.. i dont watch the olympics

It'd be funny if you were on a plane and turned to your friend and said "so when do we hijack this plane?" just as the air hostess passes by. Amirite?

haha yeah, but i dont think it would be that smart

everything would be easier if everybody just said who they had a crush on.. amirite?
It's annoying how during the only 2 1/2 months out of the year we have off from school for summer, they have to give out tons of projects to do and books to read. We should have time to relax. amirite?

here in norway, we have school from 8:30am - 2:00 pm, about 2 hours homework and 2 1/2 months summer vacation without anything to do.. revolution it is my friend

I hate the nerds that cover up their answers.. Like, come on lets work together bro. amirite?