Leonardo DiCaprio looks exactly like Jack from Titanic, amirite?

I think he looks more like Romeo in Romeo + Juliet. Or even the guy in Shutter Island. But Jack? No way.

There are several weird mistakes you seem to always make, despite knowing they're wrong. (Ex: I always tend to swap 2's for n's and vice versa when writing) It's as if some connection just went permanently wrong in your brain. amirite?

I do the same thing with 5's and f's sometimes xD

If schools want to have western days and dress up like Native American, by painting their faces and wearing feathers than their should be a hillbilly day, Irish day, and a slave day. amirite?

Really nice try with the "their". But you're not quite there.

@AlexandraTheGreat Not if you have swype. It never knows what the hell I'm trying to say.

I can't... There's no settings option for it on my phone. If I don't swype really slow, the word I want is always like the fifth option. It might also be because my screen is shattered xD


Dating a friend always leads to one of two things: loosing a friend or marrying a friend, amirite?
@Neither sounds too bad, but I guess I really don't know what it's like to "loose" a friend.

You know, when you release your friends from wherever you've been trapping them.

It always makes me think "loose the hounds of hell" when people say loose instead of lose.

The word 'benevolent' sounds like it should carry negative connotations, even though it means kind and generous, amirite?

Yeah, probably just because it sounds like malevolent.

Bowties are cool, amirite?

Damn, you beat me to it. I just tried to post this and it redirected me here. Oh well. trufax.

You hate it when you buy a 17,000 pure-breed snail for a snail race and she loses to a rock, amirite?

xD That episode was JUST on.

Ice cream should be asexual so that way when you buy one carton it turns into three, amirite?

Asexual? Or hermaphroditic?

Milk is the 2%. Occupy. amirite?

I drink 1% #Occupy.

If you're eating candy with lots of different colored pieces, you color-code them or arrange them according to flavor, amirite?

I was going to post this. WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON.

Anything after the original 101 pokemon, you don't count as being a legitimate pokemon, amirite?

Whooops. I knew that. Typo and I didn't even notice it. It's too late to edit it though...

They're sticky notes, not Post-It notes, amirite?

Posties? I say both.