I had superpowers until my therapist took them away!

that's not an opinion...

Love is love. It doesn't matter if it's a boy and a girl, a boy and a boy, a girl and a girl, a blalck boy and a white girl, a white boy and an asian girl. It's the beauty of two humans sharing love that is all that should ever matter. amirite?
@Mike_Hawk That's because we are untrained. There are people who could tell you the race, gender, and approximate age of these...

Yeah, I've seen this before and someone analyzed it. Its a white girl and a black guy. If it's the same picture I saw before anyway.

Super strength should automatically come with super speed, since your leg muscles would be super powerful too, amirite?
@ShadowofSin I don't mean to be a party pooper, but you don't run fast by pushing harder on the ground, by that logic arnold...

You might not be able to move your legs as quickly, but you could still take incredibly long strides with your muscle power.

You hate it when you have a summer reading book to read, and you totally forgot until a week left before school starts. amirite?

It would NOT take me a whole week to read book for class.

Aliens exist amongs't us on earth

Why does it say this post has 19 comments? Removed?

On a cold night with nothing to do the best thing to do is curl up in a blanket drinking some hot choco with marshmallows and watch a good movie simply because you can ♥ amirite?

Punctuation please. I read that as simply because you can heart amirite. And I was like, what the hell? No.

Today you broke a record in how many days you've gone without dying. amirite?
@qwerty123 can anyone NW this?

I guess if you had an accident or something and your heart stopped at the hospital, but they got it started again. I think that would count.

Or if you believe in reincarnation maybe.

On the outside you put on a happy face but on the inside it kills you, amirite?
Has anyone notice that love doesn't even make sense anymore? It used to be people in love, getting married, getting children and etc. But now there are stupid cheaters and idiots that don't even appreciate how lucky they are with someone that is completely awesome! Sure they're not the sexiest, but they love you! amirite?

Oh yes, the romantic courtship of arranged marriages to 14 year old girls. I miss those days.

If a guy has a long first name like Reginald or Chrisanthimum, you assume that he has the long name to compensate for lack of manhood as having a prosthetic first name to hide some nominal disfigurement is much less likely. amirite?

You got a word of the day calendar you needed to use?

TLC shouldn't stand for The Learning Channel. They Should rename it WAPC, for Weird Ass People Channel, amirite?

It's actually the Trashy Lady Channel.

Monopoly is a confusing word, considering that "mono" means one, & "poly" means more than one; especially in the context that we use it, amirite?
Dating a friend always leads to one of two things: loosing a friend or marrying a friend, amirite?
@Neither sounds too bad, but I guess I really don't know what it's like to "loose" a friend.

You know, when you release your friends from wherever you've been trapping them.

It always makes me think "loose the hounds of hell" when people say loose instead of lose.

High school students: when searching for scholarships, you wish that there was a percentage beside each one depicting your chance of winning. For example, "Harvard Major Entrance Scholarship (1%)", amirite?

No, because typically you know how many they hand out. But they couldn't tell you how many people apply, so it would be impossible to calculate a percentage before anyone submitted anything.