Guys: you are bothered by arm hair on girls, amirite?
@StickCaveman If she has incredibly hairy arms, then yeah I'm a little weirded out but it's not like she can help it. Of course...

I mean, I get why the girl would WANT to shave it. But if you start telling girls to shave their arms, I think girls start having the right to tell men to shave their arms, armpits, or legs too.

Moms from Toddlers & Tiaras: I don't care how much you "love" your daughters, training them with sugar cubes is just not right, amirite?

I watched that last night too! The one that made her daughter quit gymnastics because she didn't want her daughter to have muscles? That's awful.

You've never actually heard someone pronounce it "potato", amirite?
@Disco Huh that's interesting. You must be from the deep south. I met a guy once from Australia who had a really strong...

I told people in my family that I don't Like potato salad and they all looked at me funny because i pronounce it "potato" and they pronounce it "potato". You'd think we'd all have the same accent.

It would be cool if your iPod/mp3 stored all the lyrics to your songs, amirite?

It does that.

If they ever come out with a new soda, it should be called F5. Because it's so refreshing. amirite?
There are several weird mistakes you seem to always make, despite knowing they're wrong. (Ex: I always tend to swap 2's for n's and vice versa when writing) It's as if some connection just went permanently wrong in your brain. amirite?

I do the same thing with 5's and f's sometimes xD

There is nothing wrong with drinking nearly a full bottle of vodka alone, amirite?

Except all that alcohol poisoning.

To be NAUSEATED is to feel like you're going to throw up. To be NAUSEOUS means you make other people nauseated. Use the right word, amirite?

Nauseas is an adjective, Nauseated comes from the verb. They're essentially the same word.

I should kill myself by jumping off the Sydney Harbour Bridge. amirite?
This website sucks, since it writes "am I right?" as an idiot girl would do it, am I right?

"Amirite" is supposed to mimic the way it sounds when you use the phrase in conversation. It's not like it's that way for no reason. It's supposed to be funny.

I don't know what the hell those mean except YOLO xD

No matter how much aioli you put on your chips, they're still chips, amirite?
You hate how people brag about how much anger issues they have and are like "you really don't want me to get angry", it's like bitch stfu amirite?

I mean, unless you're pissing off the Hulk. Then you might want to take his advice.

You're surprised they still air the same ZooBooks commercial, amirite?