Nudists are terrible! Not only are they immoral, it's a sin against GOD. If GOD had intended for us to be naked we would of been BORN like tha... wait... amirite?

Am I the only one who hates being nude?

It's easier to solve a 9x9 rubik's cube, blindfolded, on a unicycle, while jumping through a ring of fire over a pool full with sharks, than understanding women. amirite?

It'd be easier to pee in a cup that's spinning on a record player that's strapped to a running cheetahs back while riding on a unicycle that's on a tightrope blindfolded then to get guys to understand that girls aren't that confusing.

Legend of Zelda is better than mario, amirite?

I think so

It should be called the Legend Of Link, not Zelda. I don't call sitting around, waiting to be rescued particularly legendary. amirite?

Doesn't sound right.......

The teen moms on TV give their kids the weirdest names, amirite?

Pronounced "Ledasha."
"Cuz the dash don't be silent"

Pokemon games should have more than one save file, amirite?

The reason they do this is so that you'll HAVE to buy the other version.

Anal sex can be a beautiful thing, amirite?
You shouldn't mind having sex with a girl on her period, I mean I don't mind having ketchup on my hot dog as long as the bun is tight, amirite?
@1. ew. 2. tmi 3. girls usually don't want to have sex on their period because they're overly emotional and really...

Take a freaking joke and don't tell me things I already know.

Even though it really doesn't matter, for some reason "Will you be my girlfriend?" sounds cuter than "Will you go out with me?", amirite?

I prefer just acting like I'm sad and then wait until she asks what's wrong then I tell her while hesitating while saying things like "I know someone like you wouldn't ever like me like that".

Which is kind of the truth whenever I get a crush, that's what I feel.

Your favorite character always dies, amirite?
Videos like '' Evolution of Dance'' and "Charlie bit me" should still be the most watched videos, amirite?

Not "Charlie Bit Me", most overrated video of all time

The scariest villains are the ones who honestly believe their crimes are justified, amirite?
You shouldn't judge those by what they've done, but by how they feel afterwards, amirite?
@soberlikekesha But what about people who murder or rape, is it ok as long as they feel sorry after?

The fact that he murdered him isn't but if he feels sorry then he's a lot better of a person.

You microwave basically everything you eat, amirite?

I don't microwave your girlfriend.