Burger King is better than Mcdonalds, amirite?
Lucky Charms: contains 5% marshmallows and 95% crap, amirite?

Am I the only one who thinks they put too much marshmallows?

They need a vampire emoticon on Facebook, amirite?

Yes, it would be cool. The only reason people don't want it is because of Twilight.
Twilight shouldn't even be considered a vampire movie. Because it's not.

No one is afraid of heights, they're afraid of the fall. No one is afraid to play, they're afraid to lose. No one is afraid of the dark, they're afraid of what's in it. No one is afraid to say "I love you", they're afraid of the response. amirite?

I dunno.......I'm pretty scared to play let's kill AlexCarlilethePillow.

You believe in aliens. I don't mean little green men. Out of all the billions of stars there are billions of planets. At least ONE of them would have to have some life form. amirite?

They say that there is no chance because the universe doesn't have the things we need to live. Well yes it doesn't have what WE need to live, notice the WE.

If you don't get it then other living beings might suffocate by our air on Earth.

Screamo music isn't as bad as most people make it out to be, amirite?

Death metal > Screamo

Huuuuuge difference.

Death metal fans: it's hilarious when youre listening to death metal, like Cannibal Corpse, and the rest of the people around you either freak out, back away, or run like hell and youre just sitting there calmly, amirite?
@It's also funny when death metal "fans" use cannibal corpse as their first and only example of a death metal band.

Cannibal Corpse really isn't that good, Dark Tranquillity, Vader, Death, Behemoth, and Nile are the way to go

Kirby64 was the best Kirby game ever because you could combine powers, amirite?

unlike Squeak Squad which you could only combine a few things

Unlucky Charms, they're tragically delicious,amirite?
@XhollyXroseX OMG THIS POST WAS MADE BY YOU! I didn't realise! HIIII! How's MYYY pillow doingg??? We havent talked in like a...

You didn't realize???
Lol, I don't even remember posting this :P
This pillow is doing pretty fantabulous. But I have to go to school in a minute. :(
It has been that long. Exactly that long.
How's your life?

After a complete high school education, the things Jimmy Neutron says don't sound all that impressive anymore, amirite?
Every 16-Year-Old with a digital SLR camera thinks they're a professional photographer and they feel the urge to take several photographs of everyone and everything, amirite?

I don't blame them, it's fun.

We all wanted a Krawk on Neopets, amirite?

Freaking Darigan Zafara

If you were born in 1993 or 94 or whatever, you now hate the fact that you didn't pay enough attention to the fact that the 2nd millennium started, amirite?
@guineasaurusrex I think you mean the third millennium.

ya i noticed that, but people started to vote so i couldn't change it :(

Everyone should brag to bring back a new GOOD Sonic game, amirite?

man, you just don't know what brag means do you?

Girls enjoy sex better than guys. amirite?

I'm just saying my thoughts on it, I think that it would probably feel better for the girls than guys after it stops hurting just by the sounds of it. But guys just like the thoughts of it better because they have a penis.