You hate it when animes only have 24-26 episodes, amirite?

I prefer it like that actually, so then I don't have to watch 300 filler episodes just to see the ending of the main story.

Death Note was a good length for me. It didn't have any fillers at all so it was perfect.

Avatar, (I don't care that it's not anime, it might as well be) was the perfect length, 60 episodes.

Guys: You absolutely love when a girl rips your heart out, shoves it down your throat, and still wants to be friends, amirite?
No offense canadians but I guess you can't because mexiCAN and ameriCAN but canaDA, amirite?

Has anyone noticed that mexican and american are referring to its people, then they put Canada referring to the country
so I guess its two fails in one =/

Creationism is really, REALLY stupid, amirite?
@Akkah If it were a purely spiritual matter, I would agree. However, it has direct pertinence to our modern scientific...

Maybe it's both.
I really don't think that it was made 6,000 years ago.
But I wouldn't ever consider our existence made without something supernatural.

Youtube board meeting: "I think we should make the video streaming smoother and lessen the frequency of the ads." "That's silly; instead we should put ads on videos that barely even get watched and change the design of the website needlessly." " inspired." amirite?

At least it's not the people who made Youtube that's doing it, since y'know Google bought it

Some video game music can be just as good as "real" music, final fantasy VI anyone? amirite?

FF6 is my favorite game of all time :)

It would actually save a lot of money if we just eliminated forks and spoons and only made sporks, amirite?

What I think is a smart idea is to create a knork
A knife-fork.

It would be funny to make your facebook status "OMG IT ACTUALLY WORKS" and then 5 minutes later make another facebook status that says "Well, I'm gonna test out this time machine", amirite?
It's a really sensational feeling when you open a book and it goes to the page you were heading for automatically, amirite?
They need a vampire emoticon on Facebook, amirite?
@twisted_memories Why not?

Edward doesn't burn in the sun, he sparkles.
So he's not a vampire.

Also because the whole movie is just an insult to vampires.
I'm sure the book is better, but still, it doesn't deserve all the attention it gets.

It's a really sensational feeling when you open a book and it goes to the page you were heading for automatically, amirite?
@XhollyXroseX hehe depends where the pillow is...

You know, sometimes I put my pillow between my legs.

You don't know why people bother with dating sites when Amirite's population is 90% good looking females, amirite?
It seems as if that if a bodybuilder is a male, it's okay. But if it's a female, it's just weird to look at. amirite?

Male bodybuilders are just as disgusting.

Rock > Rap, amirite?
toy story is just a movie about some toys no big deal, amirite?