About me.

and so did I :/

My highest-rated post (that didn't make it to the homepage):
Yes, I know it was made by an anonymous person. That is, infact, me.

The name's Ryki (pronounced Ricky). Damn unique-spellings.

My birthday is on March 4th. I'm still underage you sexy pedophiles.

I'm from Miami, Florida, US. Stalkers be welcomed.

I'm bisexual. I get a womanly boner over men AND women.

My mind lives in the gutter. Without the gutter, my mind might as well be homeless.

I am atheist. I respect religious people and their opinions, though.

I'm extremely shy in real life. Online I'm fun, crazy, et cetera but in real life, I don't say much. Some even call me weird because of this.

I'm more of a tomboy than a girly girl. Actually, girly girls can be quite annoying. Camouflage is my favorite patten/colorS.

For a future occupation, I am considering being in the movie business. Or video game designer/tester. One of the two.

I love Call of Duty (NAZI ZOMBIEZ!), Left 4 Dead, Halo, Assassin's Creed... Xbox 360 FTW.

My gamertag is xxxxxx. If I've known you long enough I may give it out.

I'm an animal lover, but I am not one of those vegetarians that say meat is murder. If meat is murder, then fuck it's tasty, tasty murder. Hardcore "PETA" members need to wake up and face reality.

My favorite past-time is watching loads of movies, or YouTube.

Rugby is amazing--though our society is sexist and girls cannot play American Football :( DAMN THEM!

Soccer is awesome, too. I've had a lot of practice kicking balls! (Take that in any way you want.)

I love to dirt bike and ATV.

Legal to hunt? I'll shoot it.

Legal to catch? I'll fish for it.

I'd rather play in the mud than shop (unless we stop off at a gamestore or buy sexymanoutfits).

My favorite bands are as follows:
» Puddle of Mudd
» Disturbed
» Drowning Pool
» Three Days Grace
» Shinedown
» Skillet
» System of a Down
» Three Doors Down
» Korn - not a fan of screamo, but I like the song "Coming Undone."
» Rob Zombie
» Nirvana (I'll love 'em til I die!) - R.I.P. Kurt Cobain.
» Staind
» Trapt
» Theory of a Deadman
» Breaking Benjamin
» Sevendust
» Eminem

As you can see, I am all over genre-wise!