This might seem bad, but why don't homeless people, who don't want to be homeless, just commit a crime that gets them sent to prison? Then they would have a place to live, and three meals a day. Amirite?

Prison would be more stressful and dangerous. And cost us more to house them. That, and I used to work at a homeless shelter/crises center - many aren't really interested in "help" beyond the basics and are pretty content with their situation. Not everyone wants to be "saved."

Committing adultery should be illegal, amirite?

In sum, I don't care what other people do.
However, if a guy is with me, then he's WITH ME. And I make that very clear from the beginning. That's not to say I own him. If he wants to sleep around - fine - but he can do that with someone else as I therefore would not want a relationship with him.

Only if by "different" and "original," you're not referring to clique-based self-identity that a lot of "different" and "original" people follow.

For those of us who work in retail, Black Friday is like a day in hell, amirite?

Ugh. Yes. And my shift is in the middle of the day. I might just want to quit on the spot. Ha.

Girls can somehow identify people by smell, and guys don't understand it, amirite?

Hmmm...I'm a guy, and I can identify most people I know just by scent. But I'm probably one of the few.

Sometimes you wish there was a room that contained everyone you've ever met and became fond of. Especially if it contained best friends that you lost in touch with and everyone who ever was inspirational to you. amirite?

And then you shut the door and lock it so they can't escape. Like in a basement. Ha.

how many people who jump to their deaths regret the decision halfway through the fall? amirite?

I read a book and there was an anecdote from a guy who jumped off a bridge and survived. He totes regretted the idea of jumping almost immediately.


The saddest thing about Taylor Swift's latest breakup is that so few things rhyme with Gyllenhaal...amirite?

Mazinol (antidepressant)

Many male, ultra-Christian, anti-gay bigots sound gay due to their "love" for/obsession with Jesus, amirite?

Well, I made an account - finally.

To me they sound gay - but then again, I'm gay.

"Sound gay" wasn't meant in a good or bad way. I just meant that they're obsessing over a guy.

You wish you could get anything you wanted by saying 'Like a good neighbour, State Farm is there!" amirite?

I hate those commercials. The people in them are annoying and in no way resonate with the target demographic, which I fall into.

When someone is released from prison he is said to "have paid his debt to society" - but in reality it DOES mean that "society" don't regard the debt paid, amirite?

That, and society also paid via taxes to keep the criminal in prison. So society gets fucked over more than once.

Girls got it easier: A Vibrator can greatly outperform and outpleasure the work of a Man's penis, but for Men nothing can substitute a mouth or the sweet,wet, tender, warm gushiness that is a Vagina. amirite?

I prefer every part of a guy :D

Some people say that single sex schools help kids focus by removing the opposite gender and thus, removing a distraction. I disagree. I think single sex school actually promote distraction by not allowing opposite genders to interact and thus, intensifying curiosity about the opposite sex.

I'm gay, so I'd be cool with an all guy school. Ha.

If you believe in anything, believe in a higher power. Higher than you is your parents, higher than them is the goverment. Higher than the goverment is the U.N. and higher than them is Death. Because death has the power to take away any livings beings power. amirite?

I wish the UN would go away already.

teachers can't say high school is the best time of your life.for some people, it isn't, amirite?

I'm glad high school is over for me. College was waaay better.

And now I'm glad college is over, too. Ha.