I love how people call partaking in sexual things "sexually active." It is a nice cutesy way to say it but it reminds me of a game or something. Like when you lose your virginity a deep voice should come over a hidden intercom and say "Sex Life: ACTIVATED.", amirite?

"wait wha?"

Look again at the homepage, the posts are now diamonds, amirite?

at first i was like,
but then i scrolled down and i was like,

People who take Spanish: You laughed when you first heard the verb "molestar", amirite?

dude no fucking way we just learned this word! We had to translate the sentence "my sisters are bothering me" and the girl who had to write it on the board didn't really know what she was writing and she wrote "me molesta my sisters"

When you were little you would fall for some of the dumbest tricks that your parents pulled on you, Amirite?

when i was little, my mom tipped over a puppy to tell if it was male or female. i asked how she could tell, and she told me she looked at the bottom of its feet. it did not even occur to me how stupid that was until like, lat year.

Once you hate someone, everything they do is offensive. "Look at this bitch, eating those fucking crackers like she owns the place!", amirite?
People should post high quality posts, not high quantity posts, amirite?

thats annoying too.

what is this i don't even...

It's dumb how, if you make fun of fat persons weight, You're a horrible person. But it seems alright to do it to skinny people, amirite?

exactly. i am underweight, and it's shitty seeing things like "who wants to look like they're anorexic?" when obviously it would be offensive to post something like "who wants to look like a whale?". Calling someone who's underweight anorexic is like calling someone who's overweight fat. its rude.

When you don't understand a post, you automatically jump to the conclusion that it may be a dirty joke, amirite?

thats what your mom said last night, oohhh yeaahhhh.

Girls are like apples on a tree. All the sluts are on the bottom of the tree, and they get more attention because they're easier to get to. Then all the girls at the top think there might be something wrong with them, but, in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right guy- the one that's willing to climb all the way up. amirite?
People with names that start with A: You're used to people butt dialing you by now, amirite?

and also, this post was written on my birthday.:)

Don't diss AOL... They put the whole Internet on a disk! amirite?

calm down, it was a joke.

The way you view are forced to view pictures on Facebook now pisses you off, amirite?
You pronounce almonds like almonds, not almonds, amirite?

Well because of where my parents grew up, they pronounce it like "almonds." So i grew up saying it the same way. But people here pronounce it like "almonds" so i got made fun of a lot. Now i just avoid saying "almonds" all together.

You hate that awkward moment where someone smells reeeaaally good and you can't help but to creepily lean in and smell while praying they don't think you're a freak. Amirite?
@Emperorerror Do people actually do this? >__>

omfg i did the same thing! in spanish and everything!