I love how people call partaking in sexual things "sexually active." It is a nice cutesy way to say it but it reminds me of a game or something. Like when you lose your virginity a deep voice should come over a hidden intercom and say "Sex Life: ACTIVATED.", amirite?

"wait wha?"

Look again at the homepage, the posts are now diamonds, amirite?

at first i was like,
but then i scrolled down and i was like,

It's dumb how, if you make fun of fat persons weight, You're a horrible person. But it seems alright to do it to skinny people, amirite?

exactly. i am underweight, and it's shitty seeing things like "who wants to look like they're anorexic?" when obviously it would be offensive to post something like "who wants to look like a whale?". Calling someone who's underweight anorexic is like calling someone who's overweight fat. its rude.

There's an evil Swedish guy that makes all the chocolate for every chocolate box, and for every two good tasting chocolates he puts in the box, he puts in one that tastes like soap. Then he makes an evil Swedish laugh. amirite?

you had me till that last line. then i read it and i was like "what is this i dont even.."

It's pretty sad and kind of scary that "90s Kids" reminisce about the TV shows they watched during their childhood, rather than the things they did during their childhood, amirite?

no, 90s kids all have something in common no other generation did: 90's children's shows. same with 70's kids, 80's kids, etc. Doing things like playing outside is something all generations did. "lms if you used to play hide and seek all the time lol true 90's kid ;D ;D" just doesn't have the same annoying ring to it.

"Singin' in the Rain" and "Umbrella" would make a good mix, amirite?

insert yet another comment crediting Glee here

When I was in elementary school, I milked my lactating cat into a small pan. I'm serious. You've never done that, amirite?

what is this i don't even..

When you buy clothes that are like American Eagle, HCo, A&F, or Aeropostale, you are just paying for the name... the clothes are actually crap and you know that, amirite?

actually, i didn't know those clothes were crap. they seem pretty un-crappy to me..

When you were little you would fall for some of the dumbest tricks that your parents pulled on you, Amirite?

when i was little, my mom tipped over a puppy to tell if it was male or female. i asked how she could tell, and she told me she looked at the bottom of its feet. it did not even occur to me how stupid that was until like, lat year.

A convict on death row should be allowed to donate his/her organs, amirite?

DUDE!! did you just read "change of heart" by jodi piccoult?! i just read that and it fits this post like a glove!

There was always that one annoying kid in elementary and middle school who during roll call said "present" instead of "here", amirite?

one kid would always say "not here!" and it was the most annoying fucking thing.

It's strange how some kids are sexually attractive to their parents and would have no problem having sex with them. amirite?

who the fuck is like that?!

T.V. shows never depict high school accurately. It is not a dramatic as Glee, as easy going as Hannah Montana or a stupid as Napoleon Dynamite. (I know it's a comedy.) amirite?

no..no, its about like napolean dynamite.
except, yeah, not as funny.

Smileys can make a comment a lot funnier, amirite?

my mom died of cancer last night.:)

Cute people: sometimes you wish that people would tell you that you're sexy or beautiful, not just adorable. I'm not a fucking teddy bear... amirite?

Its nice to be called cute, but yeah. come one.
Im not five.