Location of your home and positioning of your child's room will have impact on his mental health in the future, amirite?

I have a feeling there is a story behind this.

The boy looks like a man too?!

You can't be sure of your death. amirite?
In 100 million years, the discovery of cemeteries will be the biggest scientific breakthrough of that year. amirite?
@Mindec Kind of like the discovery of dinosaurs.

Are you not aware of the fact that there is a such thing as a written record such that people will always know that we bury some of the dead??

A lot of anxiety today could be based on guilt from something that happened thousands or even millions of years ago that set into motion a never-ending chain of pain and misery and conflict. amirite?
@apollo50homage Nah it's prolly just me being a little bitch for no reason.

Your feelings are real!!!!!!

Never_Nine? To-month it is Nine. Do I know you?

If everyone gets the corona disease then no one will have the corona disease. amirite?
@Nick2005 yes

Oh that makes sense

The Computer virus trojan horse is often shortened to trojan even though the trojan were the ones who were tricked not the ones who tricked, amirite?

And you wear a Trojan condom even though invaders got in...

Are you picturing a deaf person as walking up to the teller, slipping a note that says "Withdrawing $400 please" and waiting for a bag of money?

Even though you will one day die, the atoms that make you up will last to the end of the universe, amirite?
Animals that couldn't learn to swim either stayed away from the water or drowned. amirite?
Since people tend to use the same login and password everywhere, one site could easily have access to them all. amirite?

It's just illegal

The lobsters in the kitchen aboard the titanic didn't realize how lucky they really were when it sank. amirite?

They must of been thinking, yes this is great but now if I can only get these rubber bands off my claws.

If the universe is geometrically flat then everything is flat. amirite?

all will be evaporated

Our Earth is never in the same spot twice in the Universe. amirite?
Shows with 11 or 22 minute episodes normally have longer intros than shows with hour long episodes, amirite?

How can you say something so controversial yet so true.......