There is now a baby named "Facebook." That's just sad, amirite?

that kid is gonna have a haaaaaaaard time

You hate it when your friend steals your joke and gets all the credit for it, amirite?

ahhh that always happens to me!
'cause im a hilarious motherfucker

No matter what religion, race, or sexuality, it doesn't even matter if you're athiest, PRAY FOR JAPAN. amirite?
Have you ever been to Antarctica? Do you even know anyone thats been there? Ok then, how do we know FOR REAL that it is even there? amirite?

lay off the drugs for a while, bro

A homosexual can be Christian/Catholic, nobody has the right to say they don't belong in the Christian faith and deny them, amirite?

Christianity doesnt even make sense

If Osama bin Laden could hear the sick jokes being told about him, he would be turning in his wave! amirite?


On SNL, it just makes the skit funnier when the actor is visibly trying not to crack up in the middle of it, amirite?

lol, it just makes them look like they need to fart.

You like to math debate, amirite?


Facebook wants to know what's on my mind. Twitter wants to know what's happening. I'm starting to think these websites are ran by pedophiles. Amirite?

not only kids/teenagers use facebook and twitter. Its for everyone.

Why do people debate over " The Chicken Came before the Egg" , and vice versa? The chicken isn't the only living thing on this earth that lays eggs, amirite?
I may be fat, but I can diet. Unfortunatley for you, you will always be an obnoxious asshole. amirite?
@No, the unfortunate part is that you WON'T diet, which is why you're fat in the first place. If we didn't have to...

LOL. Why are you both anons? are you scared? or you just dont have the balls to show yourself?
hmmmmm...perhaps a little bit of both.
and YES. Im talking about BOTH OF YOU.

A pregnant woman should be called an Inception Human, amirite?
I think osama bin laden is the saviour. He has saved us from all the royal nonsense, amirite?

troll or arrogant bastard?

it would be pretty cool to watch all the other peoples dreams that you were in. amirite?
There's a huge difference between "hot" and "Beautiful" amirite?
@Hot has three letters, beautiful has nine letters.

thats not the difference i was referring to, but thanks?