Would you rather see two men with guns in their hands...or two men holding hands....

holding hands :)

especially with boys cuz they always think i mean it all the time

You're a friend of Janet so I may be able to help

Christianity's purpose is to not control other people but to better your own life

Spreading and enforcing the word of God is far less important than ACTING on it. Otherwise it's just words

It's been years since I've last used this site. Drop a line, tell me about yourself. Let me get to know all of you!

You don't know me but I'm Stephanie and I'm a bubbly friendly girl! I'm always around if you need a friend!

Christianity's purpose is to not control other people but to better your own life
The gay population is only 2%. Rush said despite their 2% number, they are succeeding in everything they want. He said the majority is just sitting idly by letting it happen. Rush asked his audience of millions, why? “Why is there no uprising against it…why is there no uprising in support of these businesses being shut down?”

how does it hurt anyone if people you don't know are getting married?

Your car is your second home. Amirite?

kinda it has al lot of stuff in it

Should I end things with my boyfriend if he doesn't make me laugh and it doesn't feel like he treats me right.

yeah I'd say so.

I'm assumed to be a gift that's priceless, that can't be bought or sold. My value is far greater than a mountain made of gold. What am I?
How can Trump be anti-establishment and then load up the government with big businessmen who pretty much ARE the establishment?
Are you friends on social media with your ex spouse or gf/bf?

No and yes depending on who

What is the Promised Land on Earth? Florida?

California according to Janet